Proposal Farming Village improvement



Creation of farm all cities button for players with over 20 cities (with Captain). Captcha expected every 6 uses of the farm all button (but random).

Background Explanation:

For years, users have been pained by the time and clicks it takes to farm the more cities you have. Once you reach 50+ cities, doing 10 min farms is unviable, even with something like Quack Tools.

Some might say micromanagement is an intrinsic part of the game so we shouldn't simplify farming... but let's be real here - farming is a chore and waste of time if you do it properly after a certain point. I doubt much of the playerbase would be against such a proposal.

The current system encourages the use of illegal scripts that farm automatically when you are offline, giving some players an unfair advantage (provided they aren't caught). There are no drawbacks to using a script here (except the risk - and there are some scripts out there that are hard to detect).

Details + Further Explanation:

I think 20 cities or so is a reasonable point to introduce such a button.

2. If some cities would resource overflow (and you have the warning activated), the same warning could display, but instead, it could perhaps tell you how many cities would overflow and the total resource waste.

It would be nice to have an additional option to only farm everything that wouldn't overflow. (ie. Your options are: Farm all anyway, only farm non-overflows, cancel).

3. The farm all button + captcha would help solve the illegal scripts issue.

I suspect the developers were afraid to implement such a button in the past as it would be even harder to detect automated farming. Currently, your individual clicks when farming for each city can be analysed. But even that analysis isn't perfect if a script replicates human farming.

With the introduction of such a button in this way, the usage of illegal scripts would be disincentivized. Why?

- Because of the captcha, new scripts wouldn't be able to make use of this new button.

- Any automated farming would have to continue using the old method of farming all cities one by one. But that makes cheaters easier to catch! It's a pretty strong indicator you're cheating if you continue to farm every 10/40 minutes using the old way when you have 50-100 cities! (imo it would be dangerous to indict based on this alone - but I believe appropriate warning/questioning + analysis by Support would avoid the issue here)

Cheaters probably have the resource loss warning switched off anyway as it would take a lot more effort to create a script that uses overflowing resources intelligently before farming - so normal users farming one by one to optimize micromanagement wouldn't be falsely accused.

- Having a captcha every ~6 uses of the farm all button sounds reasonable (minimizes disruption, but still does its job). However, I think the captcha should be pseudo-randomized. This prevents new scripts being made that farm 5 times, and then alert the user to farm every 6th (which would basically semi-automate farming).

Eg. there is a 1/6 chance you get a captcha every time you farm all but it's more unlikely than usual to get it twice in a row, and impossible for 3+ times in a row.

4. Best of all, it should be relatively easy to implement.
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Sorin Markov

I was just coming on the forums to suggest the same thing. I have 15ish islands to collect from and it takes multiple minutes to collect from all them and I have to come back in 10 minutes to do it all again anyway. I'm feeling kinda burnt out on Grepolis at the moment, and the length of FV collections is solely to blame. Perhaps have a system similar to the selection of individual FV in a city, where you can choose which cities collect from their farming villages.

Also, minor point, it would make more sense for the FV collection screen to be a feature of the Merchant. I'm not complaining, as I find the Merchant mostly useless and so this saves me 100 gold every two weeks, but it just makes more sense. Why would a captain have much to do with farming villages on land? A merchant would have his job going places and buying/selling resources.
finally an actual good suggestion from shuri... Being with over 50 farming islands i had to give up on actively farming every 10 mins when i got to like 15 even with quack, its a painful and dread experience that in nothing improves my game play experience. I decided to switch to a more sustainable way of farming in the long run with a mix of 40mins/3hours/8hours when sleeping and even like that I still find it extremely unfun every time the alarm rings "farming time"

Afghan Revenge

excellent suggestion, and great detail in the post.

i have repetitive strain injury and broken relationships from 5 minute farming.. please implement this inno

or send me a good script someone, that will run on an 8 year old macbook pro :p