Farming villages on non-starter islands


Fellow players,

I've played Grepolis in the past, unfortunately my account was deleted so I had to start all over again.

In the meanwhile I see there was a big update! And I can also see in my server they work with farming villages now. When I look at the world map, I can only see farming villages at islands with settlements. This raises two questions for me o_O
  1. If you colonize an unhabited island, is it correct the farming villages are automatically created when you found the first city on the island?
  2. Can smaller islands (including small 7-spots ones) have farming villages?

Thanks for helping me out understanding this new update!


If you colonize an uninhabited island which has 20 slots it will have farming villages on it when you are done colonizing, you'll just have to buy them with bp.
Smaller islands, those with less than 20 slots don't have farming villages.

Also don't forget to research Villager's loyalty since that gives your more resources and you have to collect them less often. Plus upgrade the villages with bp to get even more resources. Of course in the early game you'll have to figure out how much bp you want to invest in to villages, which will result in more resources vs how much you want to invest in to culture points which will result in you having more cities. But more resources also means more units and potentially more bp.


Aah so its only limited to the big islands, I was looking for smaller islands with farming villages but they seemed hard to find. So if I take over a city at the same island, both of those cities can harvest resources at the same time, or is the countdown timer for all your cities on an bigger island?