Farwell Kappa


I have retired from Kappa today never having lost city to an enemy while being a leader in the best alliance, Rogue, in Kappa (IMHO). Kappa was my the first grepolis world I played in and I learned alot. Mostly at the hands of 5KP.

I think I was the only player to hit 100 cities and not be in the top 50 and none of the cities were baby cities. I also managed to break the top 12 for best attacker and best fighter at the same time.

As a final going away present both Strike Force and Public Enemy invited me to their alliance but one thing people need to realize about core Rogue players. Once Rogue always Rogue.

It was fun.

I have moved on and am now RogueRider in Athens. Looking forward to more battles there in a world with a defined endgame.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,


King Beast

Good Luck Sask..

Its was a great pleasure to fight you and fight with you...
Think you got 1-2 of my citys, might get them back now they grey, although i was always planning on taking them back... he he... :p

You was a true kappa great and very impressive player for a first timer...

Im sure you will cause Athens some trouble, lets hope you dont bump into a 5KP type of alliance there... :p

See you around..


awwww u love me sask :D ur leaving kappa but staying in athens (both of which i mod) haha :^)

. . . idk wat to say ur not leaving me sooooooooo grats on not losing a city haha something that should be rewarded


I did give cities away a few times. Just not to people that I was at war with at the time. I even gave a couple of cities to 5KP at one point after we became allies.

King Beast

phoenixavier, Athens is the place to be, you playing it or just modding..

There some great alliances already formed with big names from across the servers..

I'm sure we will see Rogue up there in the top rankings in time..


It is very unfortunate that Kappa will have an end-game mission in place soon. Rogue could have gone the distance. Fate is cruelest of friends.

I never considered myself a "core member" of Rogue, but I was certainly the fastest growing, and then the largest for some time. I have trouble understanding why some fellow Rogues had so much trouble with some players, but at the same time, I learned from what they did and became a 1-man wrecking crew.

I have learned from the best that Rogue had to offer and I feel lucky to be able to impart some of that knowledge to Strike Force. It isn't every day that you can look back into two different alliance forums and see plans aimed at trying to take you out.

Like SaskO, I can almost say that I have never lost a city to an enemy, with the little hiccup of me being banned while a CS was en-route. Hard to kill or dodge a CS when you can't play. Ducusin06, you got luck, but I took it back so we're all good.

5KP, you have fair warning. I want a good fight. Let's see what you can do. I haven't encountered much resistance so far. I hope you all haven't gone inactive...
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It kind of pisses me off that the 1.0 worlds will now get upgraded to 2.0 because it would have been fun to win Kappa.

Having said that I am having a blast in Athens.

It's all fun.


what happened your cities did you give them away if not ill take your account ive plenty time right now for grepolis