Fast Conquest - Dedicated players


Alliance objective:
  • We are planning to drop into a fast CQ world (speed 3-6) with or without morale (without preferably).
  • This alliance objective is to not let this server hugging around with anyone and win server after server. We need a team that put against hugging and I am planning to build it right now.
  • Another objective is to have fun with others, to conquer cities in a funny way, to destroy our enemies and after that making them laughing. Anyway this is a game and we should have fun.
  • We are not looking for quantity, but quality, if you feel like you like numbers more than quality you better find another alliance, this is not your place. That's all because we won't have diplomacy (most likely).
Leadership structure:
  • It's nothing decicded yet.
Alliance Requirements:
  1. You need to have alarm on!
  2. You need to have fun!
  3. We are looking for elites, but dedication it's most important!
  4. As I said, if you like numbers more than quality then it's not your home.
  5. Be loyal! Loyality is one of the crucial requirements, because I will trust every alliance member.
  6. Be prepared for an OP everytime!
  • I have a strategy, but I won't tell you here, because other should use it and that will be annoying.

Here's my CV, ofc it won't show you my leader qualities, but at least you can make an idea.

If you feel like you can fit you can contact me via discord at Noone Important#5197 or via forum PM!


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