Fat Camp(Recruiting Oceans 34-35-36 ONLY)


Are you here to eat hot dogs? YES...

Are you here to kill noobs and have fun? YES...

Well, if you answered yes to these questions than this alliance may be right for you. If you want to send a application to me in the in-game and I will consider letting you in! As I said for ocean 34-36 members!

Have a Good Day!


Quick question. Is this the same fat camp from kappa?


Are you here to kill noobs and have fun? YES...!

Why am I sensing that I'm going to have more adoption requests in these oceans?

Also, the AANF would like to express their deepest regret but we cannot condone the joining of this alliance that advertising as killing the n00bs we strive to protect in Pella.

Founder of the AANF.