Favorite Memory


Oh the times that have been had in this world...:cool:

Chrss and the illu's attempting to crush a small and lowly MRA alliance hehehe (there now, I said it):eek:
Only to have that alliance grow under their very nose. ;)

At the core of KMD were strong players who tried for a long time to teach the newbies and finding, in the end, that all too many simply can not learn.

What would have happened if the core of KMD and the illu did merge.... lol what possibilities that could have meant. For :pro:

Having to leave for months due to RL, coming back to takeover a major acct under attack day in and day out for weeks. Bringing that acct back from almost empty to a force again.

Chrss did you know that I was freelance when I first returned :p

Taking and holding at least 1 city from all that I ever wanted to.

Thank you all who made this game so much fun. There are way too many names to try to recall both friend and foe alike...



is that it then? gamma closed and doors locked and keys posted?