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Location: northwest (ocean 44)
member cap maximum: half of the world's limit
system: Conquest
speed: 2 or 3

I've been wanting to come back to grepolis after taking a break. I am very experienced and i have played grepolis since world Alpha. I'm looking for dedicated player that are willing to learn and work together. I want players that aren't afraid to challenge the big MRA's and elites and everything in between.


I will be using skype and a chat room will be set up for all members to use. ask questions, communicate and simply have fun, its a game and enjoy. Ingame chat, messages and forum will also be used however skype is much more efficient. Have a positive attitude when you win or lose a city. I'm very friendly and i'll reply to you as soon as I can.

What we do not want in our alliance.
1. laziness, your barracks and harbor need to be pumping out troops.
2. whiners. you must enjoy the game.
3. cowards. we will dominate by taking cities and not relying on diplomacy.

Many of you may not know me unless you played in phi, or calydon. I'll give you a brief summary of my grepolis history.
Started in Alpha didnt do much since it was my first world and i did not start when alpha was new, left and moved on to Delta and started my own alliance, again i had started that world late. Joined World kappa the day it opened and used that world as a test server to see how successful alliances run. Noticed Daizan and black shadows dominate that server. Made an alliance in world mu and reached number 1 ranking for a bit. I Joined Project Venom on xi and payed attention to their playing style and leadership. I took the experience of an organized aggressive alliance and made my own in world Phi. The alliance in world Phi was my best accomplishment, played heavily on world calydon with the winners of world phi.

Alliance goals
I am in it mainly for the milestones until ww era begins. during ww era our goal will be take world wonder islands from others. Will we win? dont know but it will be more fun than simming for a crown and will give the crown meaning on that server since we wont be sharing it with others.

The only requirement is dedication. It does not matter to me how experienced you are, if you are experienced then good, if your not experienced then I can teach you.

Message me or post here if you are interested.


Sign me up mate, I'll send a proper message when I can ;)