Fighting the Good Fight

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Well, if you have information that the rest of us, in the middle of all this, dont have...
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sorry bm, but then I'd be called the 'puppet master' and I'm not interested in exposing the secrets of a poor 'leader' or 'leaders' and their hypocritical ways these days......besides the 'interpretation' or 'explaination' of info can be very subjective (as you can see with Sensai's explanation of his secret deal), even pretty wild sometimes and I did say i wouldn't bother with it anymore...I just have a laff, post crap and enjoy the game overall

umm I mean post PnP :p
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I find it incredible, how the more myself, chris, jodaid and Q tell the truth the more people believe us to be liers.

p.s Sensai shot bambi!


First off, I want to apologize for shooting bambi, I really though it looked bigger from a distance.

A lot has been said since my last post here. I just want to say that I do my best to be honest. Though it is looked at poorly, maybe because it is from the opposition's perspective, but I am willing to involve numerous friends or alliances in something that involves myself,Wok, and bring in more support, I don't know why this would be considered back-handed. My main goal is for everyone to enjoy the game, not to get 100 cities, or kill players, or wipe out Xmortis. Yes, I did have the intention at one time of getting players to team up on Q because he was infiltrating our seas and I've heard things from a number of alliance leaders and players of how they disagree with how Q handles things, that was on top of the opinion that I had for trying to bully players out of our alliance and recruiting them. I am past that now, you led the example Q, and you got your team successfully in our sea, good work. As for the Q bashing, I'm sure you can tell from the spy in our forum that this does not go on these days.

Now, Qlander, you made an important point, and something I talked with jodaid about and more on key with the point of this thread, would you and your alliance be willing to have a no player killing agreement? I know you may think this is about me, but I am mostly referring to the players in other oceans, the small players that won't stand a chance. To make things even more interesting, how about when any of Wok's or Xmortis's players gets down to one city, they have to join the opposing alliance within a week or the player is free to be eliminated. So what do you say? Maybe something we can all agree with. This thread is called the good fight, so how bout we make something good come out of it.


They will say this is a war game, but what they forget is that there is a place for both mercy and honor in war, so how about it Q/Xmortis?

Fight the good fight man. Fight the good fight

(sorry for the last part, it seems a bit hippy, doesn't it? :) )


ok this thread can be locked and archived sum post and convo's are missing and im blaming the community

great job scraping a good thread based on ingame wars great job "devils" great.
It's difficult not following natural conversation on here and adhering to the strictly on topic rules. I've always preferred the rules that a new topic is the start of a new conversation, and as long as it stays spam/flame free and is constructive, why not let the conversation take it's course?

Seems less damaging than out-right deleting whole posts. I guess this one will be as well.. Sigh (oops, this word got me an infraction last time).
the mod himself is nowhere near in the middle of WoK,BA,DAoD(now WoK), and others so who is he to know what is truly on topic

this is a war which involves alot of people who are not happy like sensai. its gonna speculate alot of cr@p from alot of people.
I already replied to Senai..but some how the post got deleted? It was a good reply too....oh well...see you guys in game...
I had multiple reports on this thread, from mods and players. I tried to keep the topic open without completely ruining it, which was hard because a lot were quotes/follow on posts.

Honestly, I was happy to let this thread go on, but other users and a mod reported this so I had to do something about it. It wasn't me being spiteful.

"You reap what you sow" is kind of the message here, as it was a couple of members of your own community who "forced" me to do it.

Look at all the other threads in Beta I could be doing stuff to but I'm not, think yourselves lucky.

P.S> The mod bashing, however mild, is not appreciated, you guys know I wouldn't close a thread unless I have to, so why immediately come to the conclusion that I'm being a moderator-troll who likes to get his banhammer out, you know I'm not.
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