FightingIrish Now Recruiting




I am the co-leader of the FightingIrish, a growing alliance situated in oceans 26 and 36. We are an alliance dedicated to helping our members grow in peace, and also helping them understand the game. Our leader, Thermoplyae, has had experience in world Beta, and I also have had some experience. Our theory to success is peace through strength, and we are building our army fast, as well as establishing allies, to keep us safe in this relatively unstable world (Exhibit A: The massive war between Black/Smash Bros. and DoA/Huns) We hope to be a strong, close knit alliance, without the elitist or MRA type attitude. We are taking players who are active every day, will reply on the alliance forums, and are above 350 points. Once we reach 50 members, our guidelines will be much more strict to join. No sim city players!

Our global alliance ranking is 109, and our ocean 36 ranking is 10.

We take aggressive players, as well as peaceful players, but you MUST have some sort of army, not just 15 swordsmen and 5 slingers, or something of that nature.

To join: message me or Thermoplyae, and we will find out if we wish to have you join.