Figtree2's Leadership Guide


This guide will cover the basics of being a good leader in your alliance.

Leadership Guide
Here are tips to being a good leader.

1. It is important that you realize your job is not to order everyone around. As a leader you must put the goals and wellbeing of everyone else above your own personal interests.

2. Do not give leader/founder rights to everyone. While this might earn loyalty and respect, it sets you up for sabotage from enemy spies.

3. Do not invite everyone in the world. You should invite people based off of their willingness to learn and play the game. While this takes a lot of work, your alliance will be a lot better off. Invite new players to your alliance. Remember that all veterans were once new.

4. Same with pacts. Do not send random pact requests as they will likely be rejected. It is best to message a diplomat/leader and work out an agreement.

5. Do not spam mass mails. While mass mails are useful for relaying information to your alliance, be careful not to overuse it as it will annoy people. Try to include multiple different subjects in the same mass mail. This can be done by separating the text into different paragraphs.

6. For setting up a forum, try not to make too many tabs. I suggest having tabs for general discussion, operations, conquests, defense, guides, market, and council (hidden tab). This should keep your forum neat and orderly.

7. When creating your alliance's profile, make sure to add things that might attract potential members. If you write "join us" or "contact so and so", you won't get very many people. If you write what your alliance is about (you could add a story or tale), you are much more likely to get more members.

8. If you are a founder, choose your council wisely. It is best not to give one person all the powers right away. This prevents one person from seizing control. This also makes managing the alliance easier. Your job is to set the guidelines for members and choose people to fulfill the leadership roles. Make sure everyone in your council has access to the council tab. For the leadership roles, I recommend recruiter, diplomat, forum moderator, council member, and leader. There is really no need to have someone specifically anointed to manage reservations.

9. Don't be a pushover. This means that you do not let other alliance mates or leaders walk over you. You have the right to voice your opinion in the council. If other leaders try or do silence you, they are WRONG (in the case that you are acting in a sensible manner). Every opinion matters and needs to be at least acknowledged. On the other hand, don't be too aggressive. You must be firm, but not overbearing or else it will hurt you.

I will be adding onto this guide as time runs along. Please let me know what you think.


Just want to say thank you for the guide :) Even as a normal member of an alliance this post helps outline the important parts we should be aware of in the future :) Thank you.