Pnp Finally the Shield Cracks


For many a day now the mighty Zero Fox Gone has been taking the biggest cities that they wanted from Shield, with little or no retaliation, hardly a siege was broken :).

However that all changed tonight when Shield finally.

We will no longer take this from the mighty ZFG :mad: and indeed became enraged at another of their MIGHTIEST cities being put into siege :p

So they fought back and like David against Goliath and finally broke the siege and took back their city.

Even though they had many more in CQ they solely focused on this one for it was the biggest of them all o_O:oops:;) a staggering 1779 points in size allowing their 8, 9, 10 and yes even 13.k cities to fall with no contestation, finally they where able to say.

We got one back from you :D:cool:

I say this, well done you on such a massive victory, you really helped the little guy out, such a pity you had to let sooooooo many other massive cities go to do it, we applaud you and your efforts and all it cost was a fortune in flyers and several cities 8 and 10 times the size of the one saved, that cities owner must of been such a SPECIAL friend to you all to be worth such a sacrifice.:oops:


Well this is disappointing. Such a lacklustre response to a pnp. The forum died? Where was my invite to the funeral? Not even joking...


Not to bad of a read. Would of been better though if you had included some battle reports or something. Giving plus rep anyway. Someone who tries to keep a forum active is good in my book.


Shield should just rename themselves broken arrow


just wondering, what are you doing to promote forum activity? lol
Thank you for your comment.

Its not my job to promote forum activity, humpty. I am a mere pleibian, dumpty.
As a citizen of this forum, who has just come back to find this disgusting new user face, and deader forums than I left, I was enquiring as to where my invitation was to pay my respects to this dead platform.

Have a great day!


To be fair all images being spoilers now really messes up the continuity of PnPs