First Alliance

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What was your first Alliance?
Mine was Redemtion of course there founder inactive so the co founder kicks him and says to me k this your new spot co Founder I was happy i was a noob but this guy Toadslayer was a nice guy and good to thats when we were getting bad our members starting attscking each other and the old founder acepted me a 1000 miles away :D so I was ok toad conquered them and that just started his empire he left and I did to :(

The Future:I joined a close alliance which with me as recruiter went up to 7th in the rankings that alliance(The Myrmidons) was a war machine Toadslayer went to Toxic Virus but was conqured completly I am in greek Empire now and more is to come

Bli zankity

I started Omicron and joined Omega something. I forgot the name awhile ago haha. The founder was on my island, and he was both intellectual and skilled in the game. Although, he stuck me as "Def general" because he was very less-active. I did everything and when I wanted to add people to council it took him a week to answer me.

Finally we had to deal with AAB picking on us, then a spy report or two later and me and the other like 5 worthy players joined Tu. Only two left playing in Omi from the five+ of us is myself and Khalkedon.

I learned the ropes of the game in no time at all. Thanks to Tu, then they allowed me to become part of council, forum mod, claims, recruiter, small stuff. Eventually, RuO66 ASKED to control the eastern part of 065. Our response? "Not only can you not have half of our ocean, you can now be force merged."

So I volunteered to run that. It was agreed, I went over there and was doing good for awhile. Christian contacted Murty upon his return and requested he take over founder position because I was an "***." Although, more or less I was just really strict because I was put in charge of a bunch of lazy bums. Some took to me because I acted how they would have liked. Some did not. So I was voted out just before Ts declared war on Alpha. During when council was being decided. I was given some lower council job I was content with. But then Christian started to ask me before he did every little thing, and I realized that ssome of those player were not worth my time trying to organize if I had no authority over them. So I fell back to Tu. And watched Ru as it was changed to crumbl in under a month.

Now I'm in Ta, basically just being a figure head for the moment. I can't be as active as I was as Ts founder. But I've improved them a little and brought our Points, Abp, Dbp, (kind of) up. I'm mostly forum modding here until I can get a full focus and then take over ops admin position. I lost track os the topis hahahahaha.

I forgot to mention, I later helped someone from Tu take the orginal founder of Omega's first city. Hahaha.


I started as the founder of Death*United.
I was a total newby at the game, who still attacked with swordsmen and defended with slingers.
I'm ashamed of that now.

Once we became a little bigger than Alpha wanted any alliance in O57, they attacked us.
We were allies of the Red Dragons and part of their so called UWP.
My second in command Zoddgod took my generals and best members away from me and I was forces to join Alpha if I wanted to survive.
From that point, I've been a member of Alpha.
That changed recently because I saw how Alpha was going down and I chose to play this game as a big player, not crumble and kanibalise like the rest of Alpha.

So I contacted Murtius and Bli zankity in TU, started to help them about a bit from inside

Alpha, and once Alpha found out I had contact with them ingame, they kicked me and started attacking me in my sleep.

From that day on, I've been attacked and just lost one city because I was away for these couple of days with no possibility to login whatsoever.

That was my story :D..
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First ever alliance? EaglesEye in Nu.

But here? RoO66 -> to the worst alliance ive ever been in (The Squad) -> To one of the best alliances eve (alpha)

Bli zankity

O, Add Rulers as the worst alliance I've been in. (thank goodness I wasn't there long) and Tu is by far the best alliance I've been in, and atleast #2 in best Alliance if not #1.
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Yeah christian, you really got no facts to back those arguements of yours up..


My First alliance was United Armies Reclaimers (UAR).. which was later renamed as Red Dragon Reclaimers. During this time we were fighting Alpha alone when Tu were fighting DOW.

After the original Red Dragons fell due to inactivity all the remaining active members joined UAR to become Red Dragon Reclaimers. I was the diplomat of Red Dragons and then later became Senior Diplomat of Red Dragon Reclaimer. Things was going well when we had active players. Still we were fighting Alpha then DF joined the fight along Alpha. Then people started going to VMs or Started restarting to other oceans. I tried to keep the alliance alive by forming a merger with Blood Of Death. That was a total disaster. I left RDR to form my own alliance called The Forgotten Ones and started asking people who were true to me to join my alliance. But then I got an offer from Quaama to Join Defiled Forest West so i dissolved that alliance and then Joined DFW. And now i am in Defiled Forest.

My what a story huh :p
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Started this world, Founded D3TH, been there since. Not much of a story to tell lol.

Worst alliance I have been in...? Would have to be Temporal Distortion in Rho, I've always thrived on the premise, defend a city like it's your own. When asked for support, I sent out 1000's of Biremes, and all the land troops I could muster, when they went to war with Rho-Bust, I was right on the front lines. They hit me hard, and when I asked for support, they'd send 10 Biremes here and there, and whatever troops they could, in small quantities... 10 slingers here, 5 swords there... By far the worst!


I started this world and Immediately checked my surrounding area for alliances that showed potential. In my immediate AO were TU and As Athens Burns (AAB). At that point, I believe AAB was slightly bigger than TU but I chose to apply to TU (and haven't regretted my decision since). I've been with TU from the beginning, and intend to be with them to the end.

The worst alliance I have ever been in? Probably Relentless on Delta (unfortunately I am still with them). They are basically a sim-city alliance with no desire to go to war and NAP's with practically every large alliance in the game. They have no wars, and their ABP and DBP are pitiful. If things were not so interesting on Omicron I wouldn't hesitate to leave, but as things stand I could care less about Delta.

The best alliance I have been in? TU, hands down. Nothing but professionals in this alliance; active members and determined individuals--it is truly an honor to work among them.

Holy Knight2730

lol relentless is all about city building and they are in no war i am in no alliance in omicron no need yet