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We all know that Dio-tools has not been updated for years and that many of its functions have been understood. Recently the site that served as the server of the tool has also been caput causing the loss of many other functions and the impossibility to find for new players the latest version being housed only there.

For this reason I have tried to collect Diony's legacy by creating a new tool that reinserts old features where possible and adds new ones.

This tool will allow you to assign icons to your cities and will also inform you about the percentage of free population that can be used for grepolis units.

You will be able to see your cities better on the strategic map and be up to date on the capacity of your ships and favors through a convenient popup.

Selecting a city will be more immediate and faster, as well as being perfectly aware of when your troops arrive in an accelerated movement without having used it yet.

The simulator now allows you to select the bonus powers without having to open strenuous additional windows and you can always monitor the units with a special mention for a unit of your choice.

You will always have a comparison between the units and you will always be able to control the number of your units scattered around your empire with a special unit

Furthermore, trading will be easier for you by moving materials in the right proportions depending on the unit to be produced

Download is possible here and I will try to keep it up to date and efficient. Unfortunately the tool is still not completely complete in the removal of bugs, I would be happy if you signaled it so that I can solve them from time to time. Thanks
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Following the closing of the site and the lack of update, I updated the script (image 404, https security and several bug + Smiley)

If it helps :)
New major update available
  • Modification and repair of the attack window + keyboard shortcuts thanks to knonn (in the process of creation)
  • Removed the deviation on the left + Attack window repair + Popup favor
  • Add = Grepolis Guides =
  • Smiley Forum Repair


I seem to have an issue with the Bireme image, could you help? The picture overlay seems to be bugged?


Added new emoticons and small changes to allow integration with the Mole Hole. The in-game update function has also been added


Modified the layout of the attack and support screen: the attack and support button are no longer positioned in different places, situation returned to before the changelog 2.185