Font Techniques


I'm just going to show you some font techniques using gimp.

HAHA, I'll put my own one down later but here are some handy links while your waiting

A logo
Glow Effect
Credit for These go to Gimp Tutorials members

My technique.

To do this I will be using a black 120x400 canvas

Add your text to the canvas

Click on the text layer right click the alpha to selection, delete the layer. You now have a selection of your text.

Add a new layer, use the paint brush to fill the selection with any colour you see fit.

Add a new layer again this time fill the selection with white

Add a new layer fill the selection with black

Add a new layer fill the selection with the first colour you used.

Go to select then none

Gaussian blur the first layer you did and set the blur radius at 5

Gaussian blur the second layer you did and set the radius at 3

Set the 3rd layer on overlay

Set the 4th layer on multiply

You now have a simple text effect.

You can change it partly to an image (Like in my signature) by going to alpha to selection on the original text layer

Past image in, and put into desired place

Go to selection then invert selection


Set layer on multiply (or mess around with layering)

Another handy tip Is just try messing around with text and if you get a good effect save the xcf
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You have to wait for me to word the tutorials get the images, you know that stuff. I can't just put it up straight away.


Guest could have at least made the first part before making a thread...


Law your lucky I'm doing this, I'll lessen the amount of work you have to do


Law your lucky I'm doing this, I'll lessen the amount of work you have to do
LOL you think by making a font tutorial you can teach someone to make sigs and graphics in general?
If you think that you are badly mistaken my friend...;)


You do realise you haven't done anything. This thread is fail.


Still nothing..

At least say that all the tut's from the same place and not made by you.

Don't take other people's credits


Could you make a text guide for Photoshop, if you get some spare time?


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