Forum Changes


In this thread, I will inform you all about any changes to the forum. Each time a new change is introduced, I will just add to this thread, rather than making a new thread each time.

A few new changes for the last day or two.

  • A premades forum section has been introduced, to group together all of the threads pertaining to future worlds' alliances.
  • World settings and opening dates have been added to the world forum descriptions.


It is now possible to specify which worlds you play, and display it on the forums. (Please note that this does not update for you, you will have to change it if you join a new world, or leave one)

To set the forum up to show your worlds, you first need to go to the "Edit your profile" section of the settings. If you scroll down, you will see a section that looks a little bit like this:

Select the worlds you play, and click "Save Changes".

You might be wondering where this will be seen, and how it will be useful.

This will currently be seen in two parts of the forum. The first being on the members list. If a member has set their worlds up, you will see something a little like this:

You can also do an advanced search, and find players who also play on your world (if they've set this option up on their forum profile).

The other place that the list of worlds will show up, is on your forum profile. If you click on the "About Me" tab, you will see something a little like this:

Hopefully, you'll all be able to find a good use for this new feature :)