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I was thinking, since The Omicron forum might be getting a little dull, (exspecially with the huge war's end on the horizon) maybe we should begin to support out forum going based on the conversations occurring in other worls forums.

For example here is a Discussion

Originally Posted by Xoz Perfection
Im not an idiot. There is a good reason that I joined spartans. Its not because they are a good alliance at all. And its not to disband them. I joined them because they are an ally of DOW and I find it hilarious XD plus I have been threatened by DOW very much and want to see how spartans will react to their alliance members being attacked. And of course I realize they are another MRA. like I said before, im not an idiot.

You don't think you are an IDIOT!???? make me mad. Right from your first post I started to boil. I got to here and have not even finished the thread and I want to throttle you, you pathetic little wimp!!!!

Your actions I will deal with shortly. Your comment about MRA"s being annoying is just so asinine, immature and pathetic that it's ridiculous. MRA's are for newbs. They need to learn the game somewhere.

I am so tired of the flaming of both newb's and Premium players. TOGETHER THEY MAKE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM WORK!!!!! Newb's come in, get addicted, learn the ropes in an MRA, then some become premium players. It's the premium players who allow us all to even have a GREPOLIS to play on, you dumbass.

Your actions are disgusting. You are an immature, sniveling, worthless shell of a grep player. It's ALWAYS the no skill player craving attention who does these type of things. You remind me of the profile of a typical spy. Spies are immature children who cannot figure out the strategy. They are stupid and impatient with no concept of honor or pride. They are easily seduced by a creative leader to infiltrate and spy. In this way they feel important. They are never a good player and I mean never. They do not have the skill set to be one. They are also abandoned EVERY time by their alliance once their actions come to light, which they often do. You are one of these. Simply, an incompetent player and most definitely can never be a leader in these type of games. Selfish and stupid are not the traits an alliance looks for.

You all can say that the leader made a mistake by giving this baby leader rights and he may have done sio. He did it in GOOD FAITH however. No alliance deserves this to satisfy some little pissant's vindictive, mean, selfish, and petty incompetencies.

SPARTANS will be on to you in no time and I will be the first to make sure they are. You are a hindrance and a black eye to the entire Grep community. You disgust me.

We evaluate the situation and post our own opinions and point of views on the subject. Because none of us will be involved it keeps the forum from being heated and still gives us the ability to check the old forum occasionally for new info on the situation.

Here the player Xoz has infiltrated the head DOW alliance or a DOW alliance and disbanded them for being an MRA. They were lead by Jeff wheeler and here is a very opionated player respondse to why Xoz has joined SPARTANS another MRA alliance who has is pacted and "friends" with the disband DOW alliance.

The player Xoz is 3.6k points and was able to obtain founder rights. Do we find his actions to be comical, appropriate for the MRA, unacceptable, or any other views? It's unlikely to occur in Omicron at the stage we are in and has occurred in a 2.0 world Upsilon.


Well, personally I am against all spies. I think they are lowly, and totally lack self-respect. Disbanding is probably the worst out of everything though. Infiltrating an alliance and disbanding it takes away the fun of war. The huge op that took 2 weeks to plan. And most importantly, the BP. I absolutely HATE those knids of, dirty, sleazy, vile, shameful people. They have no honour.

Also, I don't like why everyone is so much against MRA's. Every great player started off with a 175 point city. Why do you criticize an alliance that rather than takes great players, makes great players out of inexperienced noobs.


Were you in this alliance?

I don't really have an opinion. I know for me If I ran an MRA I'd be kicking people out daily letting them join some other alliance (but surround by my guys) and try to eat them! Hahaha! Just for making enemies, starting stuff, and training my men.

But otherwise, why recruit so many players to allow things such as this to occur. I mean for goodness sakes a 3.6k guy gets Founder rights? He stated acquiring them with one msg but I think it may be exaggerated. But he clearly proved it was an easy attempt. I play Upsilon. Kind of, I prob went inactive on the world an got cannabilized, but I know they were a major alliance, points related. So how could you LET something happen. Honestly after a stunt like that, I wouldn't rejoin. We'll have to check up on how the alliance reacts to this.


MOG I think you answered your own question there mate, why is everybody so against MRA's? Because they take a lot of weak and inexperienced plays, wrap them in a little bubble by telling them we are ranked number 2 so we are really powerful then they allow some dirty, sleazy, vile, shameful low life to have founders rights. Then something like this happens and these wide spread inexperienced kids (who yesterday thought they were untouchable) are now left with no alliance, probably no skills (as you can't properly train a large group of players at once) and no clue as to what to do.

Then some big bad wolf comes along who huffs and puffs and blows down the city they just put months of effort into. The kid gets his heart broke gives up playing the game and we all lose what could have been a great ally/enemy in the future if he was given the right training or guidance. I'm not sure about you but when I first joined this game I was the biggest noob ever, though I was lucky enough to get my *** kicked by some of the best players in this game and soon learned how to play. Had I been in some MRA who I thought were powerful perhaps I would of just thought I was no good and left the game. Then who would you listen to banging on every time you came on the forum? :D


Yup Murty. Which is the reason I left that alliance who's name I've already forgotten to Join Tu. It was the best decision I could have ever made.

How many MRA's are left in Omi?

DF I believe? But they have no one directly targetting them ATM. Otherwise the rest have been crushed and it occurred very quickly.

MRA don't survivie long becuase the fact is that pure size means nothing. Bigger they are harder they fall, its exspecially true for MRA. Much why it's more interesting to watch occur. When you acquire so many players what happens? They are spread out, provide little support except to certain areas, are uncoordinated, and have many unexsperienced players.....

*cough* AlPhA! :0


Ok, I thought I might got your words wrong.
Because I couldn't believe that such an big alliance isn't involved in any big war.
I even thought of DF as a strong alliance, who would attack & conquer quickly.

But if you say they aren't, it must be true.
Coz you never talk BS or do propaganda.


Bofkees. You're putting words in my mouth. Fyi, if you want to believe what I say, but I'm not saying it, and you are, then you would believe it regardless because you are the one saying it.

Also, Df wars were not entirely relevant to this matter. We are discussing the disbanding of MRA's and whether it was an appropriate action.

I brought them up to show that MRA's don't last long in worlds, (OMI is older then Upsilon FYI) But I was also pointing out that some can exist, and survive long enough if they are NOT TARGETTED, Df is on the offensive right now, and I don't feel that the the original DF is MRA, just the two branches would make good examples as I see them falling appart quite quickly without DF there. Back to what I said they are no ones Primary Target. Which in no way even implies they are "inactive in war" Which is why I said your putting words in my mouth.

Back to the topic, anyone know have any guesses as to how SPARTANS will react if DOW does try to rim him? I could honestly let him get rimmed and think nothing of it. But then again SPARTANS is less of an MRA the DOW, maybe they will support his cause.
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