Announcement Forum Reshuffle - Opinions Needed


Hello Forum Goers,

Tyrion and myself have been discussing some changes we're wanting to make to the forums. The first of these is to reorganise the order of the world forums, to run in reverse chronological order based on opening date (current example, Edessa (EN51) - Alpha (EN1)). The reason we want to make this change is mostly down to the fact we are closing the forums of closed ingame worlds, as they come (example, Iota) so logically, it makes more sense to have the newer, and more active forums at the top. We tried this change about a year ago, and a lot of you disliked it. It is for this reason that we are posting this poll, to gauge forum opinion on the topic.

Please vote in the poll above, and if you have any specific opinions, please feel free to post these also. I'll leave the poll open for 14 days, at which point Tyrion and I will review the votes, and make a decision. Please note, the final decision will be made by us, this poll is intended to get a feeling for the opinions, not to make the decision.

Please click here to access the poll.

Thank you in advance.

The Community Management Team


Attention - In addition to the re-shuffling of the order in which Worlds are displayed, there are also changes being made to the various forum sections. Some areas are being merged into others while other sections will be placed in a different display order to where it was originally. This is all being done in an effort to not only maximize the space on the forums, but also to continue to ensure that as the forums increase in size, the user-friendly nature of the forums is not lost.