Forum Signature Guide


Signatures must be a maximum of 120 pixels high x 700 pixels wide.
All signatures must comply with the current rules, especially advertising.
No animated signatures are allowed.

There are a number of variations for image size and text you can use. Here are some examples (to scale).

All text must be the standard size.


You may put spoilers into your signature, but this then restricts you to a 95 pixel high image.

Spoilers do not affect the height of a signature until clicked; therefore you are allowed extra space in these. Please keep these within 640 x 480 pixels, which is equivalent to 18 lines of text. Do not put a spoiler within another spoiler.


You are able to have a maximum of a three line quote with no extras. If your quote has two lines, you are able to have one line of text directly under it.

If your quote has one line of text you are able to have two lines of text directly under it.

Not following these rules will result in warnings and infractions. Players who regularly ignore previous warnings and infractions may receive a ban.
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