Forum Tournament Part 1: Warrior's Competition

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
You have voted to have the Forum Tournament (name had to be changed for reasons) competition this month! This tournament will comprise of three smaller competitions. The first one will be the Grepolis Warriors' Competition. In each of the smaller competitions you will have a chance to gain points. The points you gain from each part of the tournament will be combined to give you your final score. The players who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the overall competition will receive 2000, 1500, 1000 gold respectively. Also winning each of the smaller tournament parts will give the winning player 500 gold.

Grepolis Warriors' Competition
The Grepolis Warriors' Competition will start week 1, August 16th, and will finish on the 13th of September. This competition will comprise of 10 bounties. Each bounty is worth +1 point. Below you will find a list of bounties:

1. 10 Colony Ships
2. 1500 Militia
3. 1000 lightships
4. 1000 biremes
5. 2500 slingers
6. 5000 DLU (Comprised of Swordsman, Archers, and Hoplites)
7. 100 Harpies
8. 10 Heroes (This can be substituted by killing 20 Hydra)
9. 50 Manticore
10. 500 transport boats
*Multiply by world speed

Please post reports -->here<---. Please include the BB codes and pictures in the post. You may use reports from a world of your choosing (as long as it is a .EN world). You have four weeks to get as many of these as possible.

The second part of the competition is to collect as many battle points as possible. PM figtree2 or Baudin Toolan if you want to sign up for this part of the competition. The player with the most battle points at the end of the four weeks will earn +10 points while second place earns +5 and third earns +2. Do not post reports for this (We will look and see how many you have earned)

Coming in first place in this competition will give you 500 gold and a gold medal (6 trophy points) while second place gives you a silver medal (4 trophy points) and third place gives you a bronze medal (2 trophy points).
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