Four-Knuckle Philosophy!


Four-Knuckle Philosophy
Currently recruiting in Oceans 33 and 43


Name: Four-Knuckle Philosophy (F-KP; 4-KP)
Location: Ocean 33 and Ocean 43
Goal: Our current goal is to dominate Oceans 33 and 43
Enemies: Figuring that out as we go. This will depend on who joins us and what they want to do. I guarantee there will be a good fight and plenty of carnage to be had!
Member Limit: Currently 70
Point Minimum: 30,000 (This can be flexible depending on your battle points and how entertaining you are)

Alliance History​

F-KP is founded by several experienced players who have worked together previously on this server. We have experience fighting DAFT, Shogun, Ladokan Core, DCS, and most importantly each other. With the recent absence of leadership in Shogun we have decided to start over in a new alliance which can give us the ability to grow with the freedom to play our own game.

What we are looking for

As an alliance we are looking for are players that work together. FKP is based on cooperative attacking and defense, and our forum will be active with leaders that are visible and accessable. Members should be highly active. Whether or not they can be online 24/7, we're looking for people that aren't afraid to stare down the biggest guy in their ocean and punch them in the colon. That's four-knuckle diplomacy. If you're looking for an alliance that has a mature atmosphere and promotes teamwork, we are the alliance for you.

Alliance communication​

Activity on the forum will be highly encouraged whether it is to defend your city or share a laugh. While not everybody will be required to use skype, we encourage you to chat to get to know everybody.

Contact Information​

If you're interested in joining us then contact Ituralde or Ilcapo via private message, and if anyone has any questions about the alliance feel free to message me in game or on this forum and I will get back to you as soon as possible.