Four Nations


News: thatguy198 refuses to do it but raycui is forcing him to. (thatguy198 isn't agresive cos he plays sims tbh lol.) I'm not aggresive too, but I'm going to do attacking in this world.

thatguy198 will not start on this world..... (posted from school)
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be more persuasive. say you go to his house and beat him up if he does not, not really don't want to be sued, lol.


Ask yourself this, When is the last time a branched alliance, has lived end-game? It rarley happens, but fails and looking at your leaders, you will probably do the same, you will become a MRA and justify youself by not being one alliance.

Its like RME without Real Madrid, It will fail, Hate him or love him Real Madrid is the best player on the EN severs at leading MRA's

raycui-1,354 points-517 ABP
King Hillzz-32,325 points-1003 ABP
poohbearfish-54,822 points-7048 ABP
thatguy198 -5,101-6 ABP

Points wise, ok with experience, but a huge and I mean huge lack in ABP will be a fatal blow, your leaders lack of aggressiveness will probably show how aggressive your alliance will be

So after me finding all your faults, here are some tips
-Pact with good alliances, make sure all 4 alliances share them to prevent players near borders from attacking allies
-Don't go war crazy pick on small alliances and small players, build up, then enter war
-Don't go crazy with pacts, get 5 at max, and make sure there good alliances
-Don't become a MRA, get 50 member or so for each alliance DO NOT BE AFRAID TO KICK, don't give a huge amount of warning, tell them ounce or set the rules on the FORUMS, if you set them and they break just kick, and when they say "I didn't see the rules" don't listen because they don't read the forums and will be bad anyway
-Ask questions to experienced leaders don't be afraid most are nice, and the forum mods are always nice and helpful also!
-Attack attack attack, but don't go around declaring war until you can conquer!
Hey, I've quit Sigma.
I've improved quite a bit since then. I have 186,000 points and 26,000 ABP now.