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    Free-for-all World Wonders


    First, let me start by saying that this is an improvement to the game. The way it is right now, it just seems very boring, and not fulfilling. Maybe we can have more discussion on this? Please read on.

    The Crown

    The Grepolis Crown was a symbol of being a beast, a war machine, a veteran of a conquered world. You helped your alliance in the toughest times just to get to the end of it, and win it all. It signified much more back then when alliances massacred each other.

    Nowadays, the Crown has become meaningless in Grepolis. Anyone, even a dog can have a crown for just sitting there. Your time and money invested in the game signify that you wanted to win it against whoever came in your path, until your path closed due to pacts, leader's/founder's became affectionate with the enemy and a friendship spurted out. Then your enemy became your ally, and the game started to get boring.

    The Grepolis endgame is boring, and it is even more boring when it becomes hug fest. Why destroy such a beautiful war game? After all, this is a war game, not a hug fest. Many players bash on simmers for building their cities, it goes the same for those alliances that ally with everyone in the world just to win the crown and be in the hall of fame.

    Isn't it a bit too boring seeing 3 academies, or 7 alliances merging/banding together? It has become so repetitive to see an alliance accept other members from other alliances to let them join just to get the crown. Thus, let us make Grepolis a more fun and interesting game with a better ending!


    To make the game more fun, we need to make it more competitive and make it more complex.

    1 - To avoid and preclude others from joining alliances late in the game, no notice should be given on when the World Wonders begin (no estimations).
    2 - When World Wonders begin, lock all alliances to ensure no member enters. Anyone can leave, but no one can enter.
    3 - To avoid the "I can leave and create a new alliance and invite everyone" exploit, no more alliances can be created once World Wonders has begun. Therefore, anyone that leaves their alliance cannot join alliances or create new ones.
    4 - The system itself should dissolve all pacts, regardless if the alliances remain "word" pacted (NAPs, etc).


    Usually, during late game, most alliances are pacted or there are 3 sister alliances/academies, and the world is dead by this time. The 5 academies are holding hands, top 5 are holding hands, we all know what is going to happen.
    This new implementation will bring back competitiveness and activity throughout the game. No more boring endgame where you are simming around and you are wondering when the new world will start. This will ensure that anyone that wants the Crown and wants to be the winner, must fight it out with everyone that is left in the world.
    It will also ensure the Crown brings back its significance. The Crown is a symbol of only the best players and true veterans of the game can attain it.

    Abuse Prevention:

    The exploit being abused right now is the one where an alliance that has completed the Wonders can let other players join in and receive the Crown (This can be done before the world closes). Thus, the entire world can join this "one" alliance and receive the crown. Fully knowing that at the end of the world alliances have to fight each other, it will prevent the exploit, and it will bring back the Crown's symbolism. Lastly, implementing this into the game will also improve gaming experience through competitively fighting for the first place, and improve world activity; making it more fun and enjoyable to players.
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    This is irrelevant since they are producing a new end game. Sorry dude