Pnp Friendship

beyond zero

There once was a alliance of misfits that banned together and created the Friendship

they were not in the right place.... for they had soon to meat the

still thought they continued with their valiant crusade and soon from 1 city it went to 2 then to 3 then to 4 until they had 13 friends to share their "pinkies" to "promis"

but they didnt know that that wolf was getting bigger and bigger and bigger

little did the misfits know that this was a war game and those "pinky promises" don't work. unfortunately for them those little friends are close to the wolf so his slingers and hops will soon be visiting their city
Wolfy getting bigger and bigger and not having many farms.
Friendship= juicy piggy
thank you now i understand so much more :eek:
I still don't! o_O
I see the beak moving, I know there is noise coming out, but all i hear is...blah blah blah blah blah!


I still don't! o_O
Thats because you left my chatroom and joined a sub-par chat :D

Good As Always! :D
I miss u lol
Awe shucks :D thanks mate. Keep an eye out for Kartuga when it comes out. I am definitely going to go play there and hang around the forums.

its nice though.... after my pnp the post count for viewing here doubled over night :p word must of got around that Cronus was doint Pnp's again. Too bad I deleted my images for the previous pnp's I did. Should have had a best of Cronus Pnp created :D