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Share your experiences with funny alliance forums.

Here's an alliance that I am sharing a forum with (NOT my forum) and there used to be a thread called "Fire in my loins" but they have thread names that do not make any sense at all.
Still funny.


There's a freaking hacker.
That's what I hear.

I didn't make that thread called:
"Stick with the lover you know..."

Nor is that my original snip shot! :S

So I guess the rumor is true.


four word story

once, there lived a...

very grumpy old man

Who ate a horse...

And then a unicorn.

He got cursed by...

a cannibal, who ate

his testicles and heart

and some greek fire.

"ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" He said. Then

he when to A&E

where they couldn't help

so he died but

his son was born

who imeediatly grew taller

and became very rich

and bought a dragon

that ate his head

His blood made a

twin, which did a

you know what. Then.....

here is a four word-story-in-progress.

Sapphire Sorrows

That is three words, and also 4 word story is another game lol.

Perhaps screenshots of said forums would be easier as proof