Funny message from ONE* big Noob


Well that is an in-game issue and should have stayed in-game..Players need to be reporting him when such messages come across to you guys. There is no reason for someone to talk to you or any other player in such a way. You brought it into the forums the post was edited for a reason. I'd like to keep it that way. :)

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At least make a PnP out of this....what has this world come to? Do I really need to come back and re-teach you guys how to act?

This pretty much was a PnP. I don't waste my time making pictures and whatnot.

@Lane: The player i started this thread about is almost completely rimmed. He isn't even really playing anymore. This post served its purpose which was to annoy some people into attacking me which was what i got...and gained some nice DBP and city slots from the ordeal. So now basically there is nothing but spam that can be posted here. Feel free to lock this if you want, thread has served its purpose for me :)


and I know... my soldiers have been having port call in his cities quite often lately... and you know what happens when soldiers get port calls....


Hey Guys ~

If we're going to discuss a war please take it to the appropriate thread. :)

This is that thread you all said was about noobs and proving they're noobs. :D lol


I have some Noobs to Talk About!

Now ONE* has this WW in the bag. They play well, most of them are Nice Respectable players, and I hold nothing against anybody in ONE*, they earned there Awards! Now for every other alliance I stated Triage I have know clue about you, Guardians either.

Mr.Chu in Triage- When me and some RL buddies started in Delphi Mephisto tried to take us out, he was the lead founder and he would attack me with just transports with Chariot Nukes-Noob

JohnHawkins in ONE*- I had cleared 2 of his cities and got them in Revolt sent my cs with a small clearing he got like 2k brims in there and I sent him a PM saying Great Save, he responded with this ONE*
Loyalty, Togetherness, teamwork
all coming together, working as ONE
ONE Team

No Need To Contact Us Diplomacy was something

ONE* page has changed
JH- Minor Noob 3+cities per island and has no sense of Polite Code Of Conduct

ChronicMeat Guardians- I declared Chu as a refugee and he said let's go to war and said he would accept a apology from me meaning no war, and he sent like 20ls at me as an attack and haven't heard anything on THE GREAT CHRONIC MEAT 0_o - Noob


ive got more noobs to talk about.
war wolf- his LS nukes (if they can be called nukes) consist of about 50 LS each and he send attacks with little to no escorts. he also sends defensive units with his CS attacks even though he has a large amount of offensive units in the attack.
jay8201e- again sends LS nukes of about 50 LS and sends little to no escort with his attacks.

if you feel that anything i have said is untrue just tell me and i will be more that happy to send you some recent battle reports.