Funny Pictures


So my kid and I were skyping as she is sitting in a starbucks studying for an exam. We get done, I wish her luck and tell her quit stressing, blah blah blah, tell her to find humor to take her mind off of know all the good mommy stuff. She walks out the side door and sees this:

Who does THIS??????
  • Me - "where is this, and what is up with the hashtags? You tweetin now?"
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  • Her - Starbucks..
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  • Me - seriously, this isn't a photo off the internet?
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  • Her - Not a joke. Michele was there! It was FUNNY! I had to sneak a picture!!

Disclaimer: I actually posted this on FoE a few months ago, but it fit so nicely here...

And this is for Lane since he and I share a commonality that he may find humor in this :D
I saw this BBQ grill when leaving the grocery store, and HAD to take a picture....
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