Announcement "Gather round, its story time my children" ^_^

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(wave) welcome to hell athens

i will be the one in charge around these parts >_<

i am the 3rd most liked mod on the forums . . . go ahead applaud (proof can be found here for those non believers) some may know me as the kappa mod . . . or even the ideas mod . . . but most of u will kno me as . . . the athens mod ^_^

im very easy to get along with :p all that is needed to be done is make my life in grepo forums as happy as possible . . . follow the rules so i dont have to warn/infract/ban u . . . incase u forgot (for kicks and giggles, lets say u did) the forum rules are located here, please refresh yourself with these as they are the way of life
let me stop distracting u from posting :D keep things clean tho

no kicking, no biting, no screaming or yelling, no gang signs, no running near the pool, and no poking the bear that is my soul . . . im not responsible if it eats u alive or damages u in any way


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Oh, cmon, Phoenix! We all know that 3rd isn't good enough. Therefore, no applaud for you!

Jokes aside, I'm glad you're the forum mod. Looking forward to annoying you. :) Haha!


PHOENIX PHOENIX PHOENIX (how comes you don't answer your meet the team thread)

anyway, congrats mate on the new job. I hope your new athenians are as good posters and as against spam as your loyal kappites are.
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