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Gela Times ReRevival

Hello everyone, allow me to re-re-introduce the Gela Times! Our forum is kinda desserted but nonetheless I think a newspaper would attract some players. I have never written a newspaper before and my first language is not english which means that you will find grammar mistakes quite often.

This newspaper is not really a newspaper but more like a teaser what you can expect of it. I will try to create the newspaper based on your likings. If you want something added feel free to ask me and I shall try to implement it.

How Gela Times might look like:
I will write the newspaper every sunday evening so that you can read it with your morning coffee on monday. I will try to interview people in Gela (My ingame name is: chKaze) and if possible write some funny stories from alliances. I might add a top X list with different topics weekly (Top nuke of the week, Top profile of the week etc) depending on how you like it. Im not sure if I will add warstats as I think they are more suited in PNP´s. For noob of the week I would like you to send a screenshot or bbcode to me ingame and I will post the biggest noob of the week with custom signatur (Or Icon, Banner, Animation etc...) which he or she can add to their profile ingame.

If you want something specific in the Gela Times feel free to write in this thread and I will think about it.




Good luck.

While writing, take a look at the newspapers of Pella forum. I always liked those. :D

Good luck!



Anyway if you do get on it, why not add who is fighting who, as i really cant tell where all the wars are.


Basically...everyone is fighting Krypteia. :)

And yes, I'm also waiting for a paper