Newspaper Gela Times Vol. 2


Good morning, guys! This is the second volume of my newspaper and has been expanded to cover more content. It is a little late due to some issues with getting all the necessary information for the paper, the details of which you will know soon. I hope all of you have a had a nice week, enjoying life, and playing some mean Grepolis. Please take time to read and enjoy!

In this issue, I will have some interviews with new alliances, I will update you on some of the major points in Gela of which I know, and there will be a Noob of the Week Award given.


This week, I contacted three alliances for an interview - The Ultimate Kill Squad, My Little Ponies, and The MacLeod Clan. However, I encountered a rut in my plans. The MacLeod Clan declined my interview. Nevertheless, here are the two interviews I was able to secure.

The Ultimate Kill Squad
Do you like your position on the rim? How do you think your alliance would fare being placed closer to the core?
The position on the rim is great for the time being, we are able to grow faster then the alliances closer to the core. This also allows more time for us to work on coordination. By the time we get to the core, or the core alliances reaches us, we will be one of the deadliest forces this server has ever seen. Also in having control of the rim zone, gave us multiple strategies and locations to expand, along with a safe back-line for future age of this server, if u know what we mean.

The Ultimate Kill Squad is ranked amongst the ‘Top 12’ alliances with only 42 members. There have been two alliances before in the same situation and both have disappeared. Do you have any fear of the same fate for your alliance?
The answer to this question is pretty obvious if u ask any alliance leader! all will say, we are the best and different than those alliances...for UKS, its kinda different structure and method we follow compare to Malicous and Wolf Pack. The UKS culture is awesome, we have realistic goals to be achieved with great fun. If u still remember, few of UKS were in Malicious and we learned from our mistakes there.

For Wolf Pack, well, Wolf Pack didn't just disappear but they merged with The Myrmidons. This was a great move for them. The Myrmidons was good to start with. That merger just made them better. UKS has got a solid leadership as well as solid members.

As for us just disappearing, that wont happen. Our numbers may be small, but that is because we are very selective on recruitment. Nowhere near everybody that tries to join us, gets in. We are actively recruiting players, but they must meet our standards and have proper gears to adopt UKS culture which is kinda different than all those other alliances fighting for the Gela throne. We have some great players from Epsilon and Omicron's winning team. Some of us, returned to this game after 5-6 months of break and as soon as we returned, the core group showed up from Epsilon and Omicron's winning team and quit their present worlds for only play with the oldies together once again. Many of us here, started this game together. Its kinda obvious that we join here for a purpose and to have the old funny days back again.

As the name says, we are a killing squad. Many tried to stop us from the day we showed our face in this server, but no one is good enough to stop us killing them. We have a proper future path defined inside our alliance and every single player knows what he/she has to do to achieve that. Our co-ordination cant be matched by any other alliances near us. We know what we are doing in this server unlike few others who already fall or going to fall. The Ultimate Kill Squad is here to stay and will made this server burned up in real Grepolis fun which is kinda missing after the 1.26-2.0 upgrade. u can have UKS leadership's word for that.

Your alliance has been active in taking several cities from some Krypteia members on the rim. Knowing Krypteia is number 1 in Gela, how does this affect your alliance’s morale and pride?
Well, we have absolute respect about Krypteia's current achievements so far in this server, but taking Krypteia cities and rimming few Krypt players near us is actually nothing to do with our pride and alliance morale. It merely changed anything for UKS other than gaining some new cities. As we have mentioned in the other PnP earlier, it was just a skirmish effort to clear our oceans and we have done that. The name Krypteia doesn't hold any meaning or any interest to UKS at the moment. When we will reach to Krypteia's oceans, if they still exists, we will try to make them De-krypted (As we hate en-Krypted things now) and make our views about them and trust me, it will be Krypteia's morale and pride that will change when they share a front-line with us. For the answer of this question, we don't bother about name or ranking of the target city's alliance if the city is inside our range and non-allied. We don't have any pride in game and we respect each and every player out there and care about their gaming experience in Grepolis, we are here to have fun and Our morale is already build up from long time ago. Even before Gela starts... ;)

My Little Ponies
Do you like your position on the rim? How do you think your alliance would fare being placed closer to the core?
I'm not found of the RIM, but as in any position on the map, it has it's pros and cons.
There are benefits, such as territory, but there are also hindrances such as the lack of BP and directional movement is limited to an extent.
How would we fare in the core? The alliance wouldn't be as large as it is and the core players would be running a much tighter area, allowing members to enjoy the overlap of gaming Grep with one another. A luxury not given out here on the RIM given the wide expanses of territory readily available, and of course that was magnified by the placement glitch for Gela. I'd say we would still be in the top 10, we have a solid core of 50 players that are worthy, most are experienced.

In your alliance profile, you state that joining the world of Gela is an act of war against your alliance. Are you really at war with every alliance in Gela at the moment or have you made some exceptions?
When contacted by those alliances that are in it for the long haul, they get a prompt, cordial and receptive response. But as in any Grep world, at the end of the day, there can be only one. So yea, I'd say as a blanket statement, that every alliance is at war with every other alliance in Gela. Even if they don't like to admit it.

How do you think you compare to the other alliances in Gela in terms of military strength and strategy? Feel free to let your hubris flow.
No hubris here. I believe our top 50 can match any alliance on Gela, point blank.
The measurement of pure military strength, there are alliances afforded the opportunity to place better than us. Players would have to understand, My Little Pony is half MRA, as players are shuffled in and out of the alliance in an attempt to find not only those active players that like a good team work type game, but also solid chemistry amongst the players. In that aspect, we have been very fortunate.
I'm sure others have noticed we've gone from 55/60 players to 140, in the next 2 weeks, as new players from merges and picked up independents are assessed, a culling will occur. We'll be back down to a lean 80 to 100 or so players again. And as we move and gain territory across the map, that process repeats itself as with any other alliance.
As for strategy, that was layed out from the creation of the alliance. Although the overall strategy remains constant, it affords the flexibility to reshape portions of itself given the Fog of War combined with a fluid battlefield that will assuredly evolve as the game progresses forward.

I will say this much, what we've built here is one of the better alliances I've been in since PV. I would not hesitate to merge the top 60 of this group with another alliance, indeed, that offer stands on the table for a couple of suitors. Should that happen, it would make that infused group a very potent force on Gela indeed.


Major Updates

  • The war between Krypteia and the Ocean Veterans has had a bumpy week with Krypteia taking 13 cities and Ocean Veterans taking 7 cities. Ocean Veterans have definitely stepped up their offensive in this war. Overall, the score is currently 54-20 in favor of the Krypts.
  • The Ocean Veterans have dropped from being ranked second in the world to currently being ranked sixth, being passed The MacLeod Clan, The Bish, Ocean Kingdom, and the Myrmidons.
  • Krypteia continues to hold number one position in ABP with over 1.8 million ABP.
  • Ocean Veterans is leading in DBP with over 1.3 million in DBP.


Noob of the Week

The Noob of the Week Award goes out to General Nemesis for this little gem.


That's all for this week, folks. Thank you very much for reading, like and +rep if you enjoyed reading. Feel free to leave suggestions for improvement. Also, as I am not omniscient, I would love to be getting information from others in this world. If you know some major news or something which you think should be highlighted in my paper, please drop me a PM in-game and I will make sure to include your news.


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Awesome paper Leah! :) I need to spread my love for others few more times to give u rep...
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Amazing Lea!

This is giving everyone a feel for the alliance personalities out there. Love it :)


I love these newspapers! Please keep it up! I can only imaging the work that goes into making these issues. I hope more people thank you for the work you are doing to create a real sense of community hear in Gela!


I think it is funny that the two alliances interview for this edition have merged together.


Never fear, everyone! The next issue will be coming soon; I've had a bit of a delay with attaining prompt answers from my interviewees.

In the coming issue, I will be tweaking the interview format and I will have a request for you guys.