Newspaper Gela Times Vol. 3


Good morning, everyone! I know I am late on this volume but I have been caught up with some major real life issues. Anyways, I now present to you the third installment of my newspaper! This issue will be much like the last one but with a few tweaks here and there. I hope you all have been enjoying your time playing Grepolis, and in real life as well. Please take time to read and enjoy!

In this issue, I will have three interviews with a slightly varied format, I will highlight the key point in Gela of which I know, and there will be another Noob of the Week Award.


This week I got in touch with 3 alliances - The Bish, Alpha Wolves, and No.BS. For these interviews, I asked them to give me some background to their alliance then proceeded to ask questions.

The Bish
The Bish. What can we say about ourselves without sounding like arrogant prats? The players in our alliance have varying backgrounds, from complete nooBishes on their first adventure, to grizzled old war veterans from previous worlds. What separates us from those around us you might ask? The willingness of every Bish to do what is best for the alliance regardless of how it may affect themselves. The sharing of knowledge and teamwork are some of our best qualities, no player remains a nooBish for long. Our somewhat disgusting and offensive senses of humour are what keep Bishes coming back for more, because once you are a Bish you will always be one.
To sum up; one of our major goals is to create the perfect blend of new and old in order to develop within this world. That said, fun is always the goal here at The Bish, we want everyone to have a blast playing and we are always working to spread Bish love across the oceans in one form or another! Of course, we take both our fun and our love very seriously.

What classifies a nooBish and why do you take them in? How do you ensure every nooBish you take in will be taught?
Basically, any new member is a nooBish. Of course like any half decent alliance, our guides are substantial. If we think they need additional assistance, then they are provided mentors to help them play and blend into our culture. The Bish culture is very important to us and we recognise it is not static, but rather constantly evolving. We hope that any potential nooBish can bring something to the table. I suppose if we're looking at prerequisites, then ambition, resilience, commitment and humour would be important to us.
What exactly is Bish love? How do you help spread Bish love throughout Gela while also crushing players' dreams?
"Bish love" is a running joke that we all have in house, that we have come to use on a regular basis now. Im not sure when exactly it started, but it came about as a result of certain saucy love letters we received from some of our "affairs".

Bish love is a special type of love. It can be delicate and gentle (diplomatic) or it can be rough and painful (war). The type of love any one alliance receives is dependent on them as much as it is our desires.

"Crushing dreams" is such a strong statement. When we are forced to use our love, it is in the spirit of kindness and generosity. We simply want to give these players safe new homes out on the rim where one day we may visit to experience those magical moments we once shared again.

Alpha Wolves
Our aim is to enjoy the game, and win as many battles as we can, whilst teaching new players, and encouraging a team spirit. We also try to be fair, but firm - we like to think that we follow common morals, unlike many other alliances. We are all late starters compared to the core, and so "winning" has to be secondary for us. We are performing well above expectations, and have seen other large alliances fall around us whilst we still stand. Long may that continue.

What specific common morals do you think your alliances possesses which others lack?
We mostly come from other alliances, but this was always a team decision on both sides, and by choice. Most alliances seem to live for the moment, with a small core of individuals willing to sell their souls at the cost of all other members. We are ruthless with inactive players, but otherwise extremely loyal to each other. Perhaps that's why we are still standing.
What were your original expectations for this alliance?
I wasn't a founding member of this alliance (I came through Crimson Wing and Arrowhead Alliance to Alpha Wolves), but I know the original idea was to dominate O84. The merge with Arrowhead Alliance meant this was expanded to O83 (and O84).

We were AoD (Army of Darkness), we merged into what was MLP. Why did we merge well honestly I dont know why we merged, I think I was the only one who out right said no to it in the first place, I could tell then it was not an alliance I wanted to be apart of. Dont get me wrong, what was MLP then was an aggressive alliance but it was the ppl and the tactics and the general attitude of those players that I didnt like, it wasnt like we were getting beat either. I think part of the reason for that merge was MLP clearly had a spy if not spies in our camp. Either way we merged and I thought I would just have to get used to it and just get on with it.

What happened then was quite strange, I had actually left MLP for some fresh air from all the BS that was happening in MLP, the place quite frankly was a huge mess, I guess that is simply a reflection of its leadership. Well while I was getting some air from all that, they simply kicked what was the majority of former AoD, no warning no notice, nothing. It is clear now they obviously felt they found a better deal in UKS..or was it The Bish or who ever else they have been messing around with at the time. I dont know and quite frankly I dont care..I think it really sums up the leadership that was then MLP.

No.BS was formed in the aftermath of our members expulsion from what was MLP before they merged with UKS. I dont know the leaders of the original UKS before they merged but the guys from MLP were nothing buch a bunch of reckless idiots looking for basically a world winning move. Personally I think yeah they are probably good players but there are plenty of good players out there, anyone can come and join on the rim these days and look good, not hard when you are pumping gold like they are and have spies in every alliance around you who are mostly made up of complete newbies & noobs alike anyway..pulling them left right and center. If you are that good then why bother with all the antics and BS? Who knows..

So what are your goals in this world? How long do you plan to survive?
repolis has and probably always will be a matter of the big eating the small. I looked at a world map yesterday for the first time as leader of No.BS (yes I have been to busy to look before now) and by comparison to every other major alliance (Top 10) in this world we are yikes, tiny. We share a border with The Bish so I am pretty sure once they have had there fill with Ocean Kingdom they will be looking at us. Why because lets face it everyone tries to avoid an actual fight and for the sake of expansion we are going to look like a much nicer and potentially easier proposition to take on than say The Myrmidons or UKS. Very few alliances ever have the balls to take anyone on unless they are sure they are gonna win. So will we survive? Who knows..we know how to play/fight but can we compete with more than just UKS if some one like The Bish decide we need taking out as well.. lol I am sure you can work that one out for yourselves what would be the outcome..

We are currently fighting with UKS or to be more accurate the members of what was MLP in north O73, whether they are actually putting in the effort or not to actually call it a real fight or not is a different matter. so far it is 9-2 to us so I guess not lol coz apparently they is bad after all lol

Would you say your alliance is stronger after the ordeals you went through to becoming No.BS?
Are we stronger after our ordeals? I dont really know how to answer this one. When were we ever strong to be stronger? and in what sense? Given this alliance is a week old and different to AoD in many ways I think giving an answer on this question is not possible at this I think I will pass on this one :)


Major Updates

*The Krypteia-OV War has taken a landslide this week as Krypteia takes 20 cities and OV takes 6 in return. The total is now 81-29.
*My Little Ponies merged into The Ultimate Kill Squad.
*Krypteia reached 2.5million ABP
*Ocean Veterans reached 1.7million DBP
*The Top 12 Alliances has done some major shifting - No.BS, Boatmen of STYX, and Vengeance take 10-12 places.


Noob of the Week

The Noob of the Week Award goes out to Mensis for this land nuke:


That's all I have for this issue. Remember, the Noob of the Week Award is given based on the information I receive from Gela players. If you want to nominate someone, send me the report. If you want to see something changed or added, please let me know. I will do my best as I run on positive feedback from you guys. If you would like me to highlight something from Gela, PM me and I will try to include it. If there's a war going on, let me know.



Nice reading.
I can't see the land nuke though.

Could you try to upload it with imgur instead of Imageshack?


I actually use tinypic. Is it not showing up for you, jorisva?


Nice paper, shed a lot of light on No.BS who I didn't know anything about until now. Thanks for making the effort to write it and get all those interviews :)


Very cool

I was wondering where No BS came from. But they dont looks so bad. They have a nice cluster of cities there, easy to defend. I dont know about his 9-2 war over some random former MLP guys. Thats not exactly a 'war' is it?

lmao @ the noob attack

Nice read, with any luck Order of Chaos will be making there appearance in here soon :)
If not, I will blame Ursuu :D


If the Order of Chaos wants to be highlighted in my newspaper, they should contact me and I will consider it. I'm far from omniscient so I rely up getting info from other Gela players in order to have the best information in my newspaper. I urge you and everybody else to talk to me about what is going on.



And for the records it isn't always Urssu's fault lol, I would look to blame that RabidDonkey guy ;)


If the Order of Chaos wants to be highlighted in my newspaper, they should contact me and I will consider it. I'm far from omniscient so I rely up getting info from other Gela players in order to have the best information in my newspaper. I urge you and everybody else to talk to me about what is going on.

Give me a few days and I will drop you some info and noob reports :D


Yes yes it's me, the noob.

I just want to thank Grepolis who made all this possible, to my bad eyes (reason i'm still a noob, cant read the guides), my alliance, and to Leahkim and his friend who passed it on (catch you on the flip side). And then just want to shout out to my mom, hi mom i'm on grepolis and they have a photo of me and my men dying in the newspaper.

Thank you for the award and hope there's a lot more to come in my career;)

Nice paper