Pnp Gela's Finest!


Wrongknight........don't get too cocky, he could send 50 CS's all of them could crash its only resources and it also distracts to a degree.
The 51st could stick and then what, I lost 1 city but he lost 50 CS's to get it, either way i would rather lose 50 CS's than one of my cities.

But you would think that after the first few you would give up but hey, that's persistence and that's what we are all about, everyone has their place in our alliance and whether it be just supporting or just sending attacks or crushing CS's up against a bireme wall they all serve a purpose to the greater good.
While your timing up bireme to block his attempts we have CS's in someone else's city.

Muha - You never answered my question, would we still be telling this story if you didn't get up to take a .....

Sorry for the periods if they are in the wrong spot by my idea on them is so you can pause to reflect on that comment!!!


Muha - You never answered my question, would we still be telling this story if you didn't get up to take a .....
that is a good question, the answer is no, I would have lost 4 or 5 cities instead of just 2. But I was actually thinking about writing a pnp before that. Had plenty of material. and I honestly was expecting to be down by 7 cities after 5 days after I left, but I ended up crushing a good number of CS's. got a ton of bp's too, check my bp gain on grepointel, you will notice when I left the alliance.

@13k: I did warn you my friend, but you kept going and Wrongknight ended up using your own words against you. as for the phone app. if you call that unfair. then let me say that waking up in the middle of the night to check on your cities like some krypt players do is unfair, this is a game not a career or religion and no one should be spending so much time on it. or spending hundreds of dollars a month on a pay to win game and only fighting people who never paid a penny could also be called unfair. its a game mechanic, just like grepointel, which by the way is the only reason krypteia was able to take any city from me at all.

so then let me ask you this. I work infront of a comp, I study in front of a comp and I sleep no more then 5 hours a day. even if I had no phone app, do you think you would have gotten anything if grepo Intel didn't tell you when I go on break and when I sleep?

in my original post, I asked to keep this civil, I guess that is impossible.
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