General Discussion Manual


What is this sub section for?
This will be an 'anything related (or kinda related) to Kappa section', meaning somehow the topic must have Sigma in its background. Ive seen some worlds that have made "King of the Hill" customed with their world, so i would gladly allow those types of games. Ill also be moving other threads that i see fit.

What do I expect from posters?
Stay within the forum rules, and do not do anything to make me want to strangle you. I may also come up with something for this section but i have not decided.

What happens if a thread is closed?
If a thread is closed i may have a change of heart if im given a good reason as to why it should be re-opened.

Lastly, im hoping this brings some activity to the forum and acts as a new place for Sigma players to gather and make nice so that Sigma isnt a world of war . . .
(im leaving this open for any suggestions)

I may or may not have stolen this from kappa. :cool: