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What is this sub section for?
This will be an 'anything related (or kinda related) to Athens section', meaning somehow the topic must have Athens in its background. Ive seen some worlds that have made "King of the Hill" customed with their world, so i would gladly allow those types of games. This is where the POTMs will be and also the campaign threads should be made here. Ill also move other threads that i see fit.

What do I expect from posters?
Stay within the forum rules, and do not do anything to make me want to strangle you :) cuz it will be too entertaining to watch you turn into smurfs :D

What happens if a thread is closed?
If a thread is closed i may have a change of heart if im given a good reason as to why it should be re-opened, which should be done in a PM not a new thread -__-.

Lastly, im leaving this open for any suggestions.​

AXE murderer1

Phoenix is it too early to open October POTM if not please open it


guys i believe its too early :( as no one would get my vote (bunch a spammers that u are) so i told axe maybe wait till the next world opens :p regardless i would like to link u to this

one person please follow that and submit it to me via PM (if i get more than one ill have to choose which is better) u have 24hrs from the time i receive the first one (for POTM)


I ain't doin it...

EDIT: I did it.....
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