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Hello :)

Just thought I would share my opinion and stories on different alliances in belle. I'm mesomike, obviously, and I'm in an alliance practically on my own in O65 called OFWGKTA, due to this I have the strangest arguments and conversations with people and have a very wide perspective on the top 12 :)

I can't comment on EN/EN 2 as I've not had any encounters with them what so ever and I refuse to spark up the old argument surrounding these alliances.

I can comment on Legacy though, Yayyy :D

Now, from what I've sort of found out not through trickery or anything but Legacy (+ branches) are pacted with Death before dishonor and loki etc? Irrelephant but anyway, I attacked a DBD member the other day and got attacks from Legacy, the player actually claimed to have a massive OP on me including 12 players from Legacy and that everyone was going to take my cities :)
Unfortunately and quite predictably this didn't happen.

And Regarding DBD, their Founder is quite crazy. I'm actually halfway through writing this and kicking myself due to the fact I Recently deleted my mails :(
But anyway, I can remember attacking General Paulus quite average and I messaged him to try and find random conversation as I tend to do a lot. He eventually turned it round and argued with me. So I happily participated with the arguing and proceeded to "Troll" him to the extent that he blocked my messages and got the largest player in DBD to attack me (unsuccessfully). Oh, and I even got into conversation with Tko4me actually and ended up having a nice conversation :) I know now that they are completely turtling up due to recent attacks from TFC. :rolleyes:

Now Empires United, their founder is Ian Donald. I've actually been asked to join Empires United a few times and upon the most recent time I again politely declined. This was until Mr Donald turned round and said you're terrible on your own. The conversation basically went from me question his bold claims to him beating the drums of Empires united.
Ultimately, it ended with Donald promising to rim me and that Empires united will eat me up in a day (That was a month ago) and he also claimed that Empires United solely rimmed the majority of PD, Gladly I proved him wrong and he hasn't replied to my messages since :(

In summary, I've met many players throughout the world of Belle some are actually shockingly bad and makes me want to complain about the requirements of Hero world's but some out there are actually nice people.
This world is now full of turtles and people that think being a turtle requires skill ruining the world, and pacts that are the most pointless thing ever again strangling the world. I hope to continue in my little corner of the world and will always attack who is out there to be attack :D

Anyone else got stories? I might keep posting stuff that happens if people like this :)


Many stories I could tell but would rather lets others speculate and guess around the circumstances and positions on EN/O.
Betrayals, disagreements, real life issues, divorces, players going awol, Spies... the list goes on!

Met many a good player here, some great at stacking attacks, others at sniping CSs and others great with intel so we know which city to land birs in front of etc...

Myself, I have been shocked the amount of players still sending unescorted attacks or attacking with defense troops. No point giving the enemies any extra BP than required, attacking gives the defender to much as it is if they know how to...

Just glad this world is still getting a few good players in, even with no morale some are joining in the fight and spurring some of us older players on the server back into enjoyment of the game...
A shame some players dont give them a chance to get going but its part of the game.

Looking forwwadr to some more good core fights in the new years and see what the activity brings as well ;)

Tea city

I agree with mazz,small players should be given a chance to grow.


EN/O strives to allow smaller players and alliances to grow, but if you poke a bear it usually bites back.
Best is to lay low and grow as much as possible while looking for a good alliance to help out.

Most are looking for active team players and are willing to help any like this so should be no fear in joining and if not its game just hit the reset button ;)


what is a small player? how many cities less than you is rechquired to be considered a small player?


if your under 5 cities your small

Because there is nothing you can do to a active player with 10+ cities or someone in a alliance.

Smaller players til they reach about 8 cities typically arent that active til they can get some firepower and enjoy the game this late in the game


Someone with 5 cities who is smart can do a lot more damage than an idiot with 15 cities though :) as I've seen quite a few times in belle


This is for TEA

Meso you are right on this point if the 5 city player is a skilled vet. Even with that if they are in a alliance who supports them they will get more support then a 5 city play can take even it had no wall and open harbor.

Now tea explain this even after you say you let smaller players join. I did not cross reference to see if they were in a alliance or not. Still the fact is styx likes to take player under 8 cities

Trimegistos(Styx) conquered bert69 (Wolves of Fenris)
Trimegistos(Styx) conquered Toni2502 (Fagul)
Trimegistos(Styx) conquered LordZeppelin (*NO ALLIANCE*)
Trimegistos(Styx) conquered Isabelle24 (*NO ALLIANCE*)
ciceroni(Styx) conquered hislopb2012 (*NO ALLIANCE*)
bengi(-Styx-) conquered tylerclinton (Archangels of Delphi)
jack488red(-Styx-) conquered sk0612 (We are one)
Darqua(-Styx-) conquered ludogorets (*NO ALLIANCE*)
unkelmark(-Styx-) conquered flyingdevil (*NO ALLIANCE*)
Ian eyre(-Styx-) conquered MontyBlack (*NO ALLIANCE*)
Ian eyre(-Styx-) conquered Zukla (*NO ALLIANCE*)
Ian eyre(-Styx-) conquered FrozenRevenge (Empires United)
radu12345(-Styx-) conquered LyonBlade (*NO ALLIANCE*)
Empresario100(-Styx-) conquered Isabelle24 (*NO ALLIANCE*)
Alexander TG(-Styx-) conquered marsalmighty (*NO ALLIANCE*)

I left out all the sub 2k ghost that were taking by styx as well. We all know of shades and many others who like to take a 800 pt ghost

There was a statement that we took inactive and semi active players. But as you can tell by this in the last semi op with only about 10-15 players attacking out of EN and OCC we took

Mushyajp (Styx) was conquered by Mazz666 (Eviction Notice)
limborecla (Styx) was conquered by saxmaster (Eviction Notice)
limborecla (Styx) was conquered by lorbella (Occupy)
limborecla (Styx) was conquered by Mazz666 (Eviction Notice)
limborecla (Styx) was conquered by Mazz666 (Eviction Notice)
Not adding in the two i got.
one from cicrio and one from fresh prince

No please explain to me in facts how you let smaller players grow?

We took in robo because he hated you guys, A three city player who did not share any info about you guys but only didnt want to be apart of STYX or there branches. He only had three cities and hated you all.

He then went under mass attacks for days and still getting attacks on him.

Can we caught in a bald face lie


bang, must not forget how they earthquake him and lighting bolt him daily every hour they can. What they are upset though about is they help give him some stuff and he left so they want payment for that. As i remember one player of there's saying he was here a week he can reset by you guys. I still dont know how much harm a small player can do to big players. Trying to dictate he was lying to you when you told him things wouldn't happen to him but actually did. Then trying to say where he can go and cant go. He is not part of your alliance anymore you cant control him and stop trying to justify attacking him you have no reason other than he left your alliance and is now in your enemy. Let it go and move on theres no reason to sit there be at a three city player just because things didnt go the way you want and he didnt give a awesome by speech in your forum.
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Tea city

Bangi,some of this players were inactive(check grepostats if you want).
second,how do you explain attacks by your players(saxmaster and iconoclast) on them?;)
Is it true that some of your guys has taken 4-5k cities close to our positions?;)

As for that traitor(chicken something):why did he hate us?;)
Why did he ask for resources and then(after taking them at will) "suddenly" discovered he "was fit" for another alliance?
Do you want original mails by him in which he offered his cities?:D
Ask him if it is true he was attacked by saxmaster:D
Did he ask for casts since he had an attack 8 min later?:D
Behavior was proper for the name:D
Last time I checked saxmaster was more then ten times stronger;)
Bangi,bangi,bangi,do not follow the "logic" and "the glasses" of lol bella:D
You are not a tart,so do not fight their war;)
Bangi,is it true that Magenta was spared from rim from one of those you have respect?;)

P.S. bangi,do you want original mails in which "this loyal tart follower" was trying to get another alliance fight EN?:D
Bangi,bangi,bangi.Stay away from tarts mate:D
Do not believe every word of idu minded players:D

SGT Slaughter

I think the hero world qualifications are a joke. Any simmer will qualify and the lack of game knowledge is embarrassing. Unescorted attacks should never happen. I just saw one in break through mode the other day :heh: Now I see the shiny new gold myths on def and off reports. Do the math, they are garbage like hydras. Then you have players using triremes and fire ships, building Oracles, Statues and Merchant shops or thinking a fully built city is the goal...hero world yeah right. :D

I try to reach out to small players, but if they cant open the mail in 24-36 hrs...they are usually farms. We would love to have another active body at any size, as they are hard to come by, however, if you give them too much time to develop, the cities change owners and flag colors. Alliance leaders should get together and set a minimum for new players. Such as anyone below 15k is off limits if they remained unaligned.

Me and Shades were razzed pretty good when we took tiny ghost towns. When you send a CS to an inactive city (not in revolt) overnight, you dont expect them to ghost before you get there. Live and learn. :Angry:

Lastly, I think the banter on this world blows. There is a fraction that treat this as a game, although others act as if you took their first born. The whiners seem to never shut up and think if they say something enough its true. Examples from this thread alone.

We took in robo because he hated you guys
He only had three cities and hated you all.
Is this meant to hurt someone's feelings? Grow up Potter, adults arent affected by this propaganda.

We all know of shades and many others who like to take a 800 pt ghost
Shades "likes" to take 800 pt GTs? He took one by accident and EN let him off the hook by taking it at 783 pts. Again just an immature response with no substance.

Can we caught in a bald face lie
You finish with this gem. Im sure its not nice, however, without a translation we'll never know.

He is not part of your alliance anymore you cant control him and stop trying to justify attacking him you have no reason other than he left your alliance and is now in your enemy.
Are you serious? What game are you playing?

As i remember one player of there's saying he was here a week he can reset by you guys. I still dont know how much harm a small player can do to big players.
I said it and still stand by it. If you dont know by now, you never will. Sorry tutoring would be counter-productive.

Your posts in general are full of hypocrisy and fact-less material. Where is the fun in this? This forum is dead due to the uninteresting, non humorous propaganda spewed over all the threads. We all do it including me. Maybe during the holidays we could evolve just a bit.



All I can say is too many people on this server need to...
Pull there head out, get some fresh air and rethink their positions in this world,
Some may need to go a step further and rethink their positions in life too ;)


Pull there head out, get some fresh air and rethink their positions in this world;)
Yeah, I heard there was a Styx player with an over self-inflated head that tried this, I forget his name now, "the pity"... (usually do with irrelevent people). Apparently he had to squeeze so hard in the attempt, he gave himself a hernia! :eek: