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  1. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    It also would mean new players won't get screwed as much. In 109 if you're new, you're done. You'll get rimmed, there isn't a rim to run to. So maybe you restart once and get rimmed in the back of your original ocean again.

    When there's a lot of players and the world grows fast, the teams get spread out and there's a rim. If you have a meaningful rim, you have time to play and learn. There's also a chance for someone experienced to drop and teach them enough to play well.

    Anyways I'll make a tournament thing soon (really rough draft so people can add on or have things taken off) and post it separately.
  2. mojosrisin

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    Dec 10, 2012
    the tournament idea is nice and sounds fun but it would only serve the top players any good. It wouldn't do anything to extend the longevity of the game or even hold the interest of the vets who play it beyond the end of the server.
  3. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    What would you suggest to extend the game?
  4. mojosrisin

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    Dec 10, 2012
    It's unlikely to get a huge influx of new players unless Inno decides to invest heavily in advertisement. Even if they do invest heavily in advertisement it'll probably bring back a bunch of players who have already played and decided to give it another shot and a lot of those players could be reached with minimal web advertising, automated emails etc but they won't stick around if it's the same game they already got bored of and left 2 years ago.

    The best thing would be to put some energy into a huge update. Like I mentioned before new gods, units, researches, buildings, etc. Buildings actually probably don't need to be changed up but make higher level caps on them. Swap out the unused special buildings like oracle and library. Add a god or two. Add two new units. Nothing crazy, just enough to cause us to rethink following the exact same formula that we've used again and again and again.

    We have what like 5 island quests that just rotate over and over and provide the same rewards. Some are called rare or epic but let's be real - they aren't. Add some actual rare and epic quests with extremely rare rewards. Maybe some kind of epic myth units like a Kraken that would take up 1k pop and fight at sea but do a stonehail type damage. I dunno just spit balling here. What I'm getting at is changes that aren't complicated and won't confuse anyone more than the usual new event does but will spice up the game and keep it interesting enough to keep being worth our time.
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  5. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    One thing I thought of was using settings to change the game up.

    Like a mixed conquest system setting. Imagine being revolt oped and having sieges in cities. Or taking Herc out and using pre-hero world settings for academies. Though that probably just impacts conq.
  6. mojosrisin

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    Dec 10, 2012
    That's an idea and probably the simplest to implement but then you have the issue of an already shrinking player base being even more selective about server settings and again it'd be more like a novelty like a championship server where some would be intrigued and join a server like that one time but would it really be enough to keep an already bored player from leaving?

    How many of us are still here because we're passionate about grepolis like we were in 2014 and how many are still here just because we haven't found something better to do? A novelty server might pique the interest of enough players to make it a mild success but it's not going to make us passionate about the game again and it's not going to keep bored players from leaving when we find something that sparkles a little harder.
  7. Fluvisol

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    Jun 14, 2016
    Main post:
    How has nobody mentioned night bonus yet? You would make a ton of players quit shutting down the other markets because night bonus makes it less favourable to attack at night, meaning they don't have to be awake at night as often
    And as others pointed out, slapping the name domination on your post is just clickbait, why?

    On Nori's thing about a Grepolis Cup, that actually sound really nice
    I was thinking once every year and always start two at the same time, for example one year a fast revolt and a slow conquest, and the next a slow revolt and a fast conquest. That way there's 2 years between the start of worlds with the same settings, which allows to maybe run qualifier worlds where the winning team is allowed entry to the cup
    Make it so that a team is determined by its leaders, that way if people quit before the cup others can be invited, but the same backbone of the alliance is present, and top players of different alliances can join in that way as well
    Maybe lock alliances to prevent people switching sides, and include a vote system to remove a player from your side from the world, to prevent people going rogue
    Preferably disable gold buying, but I can see why Inno would not want that
    As a reward for winning the world we would need both a personal reward and a community reward
    For personal maybe x amount of gold to an account of choice for each player in the alliance that won (as this would be different accounts due to it being a different market)
    For community I like the sound of giving the winning market a vote to choose a special world for their market, like super high speed, classic, no gold could maybe even be a choice. Could just give an in game reward but it should be something special

    Obviously need to refine that idea a bit as this is just my thoughts at 7 am after getting pinged awake, but figured I'd share :)
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  8. mojosrisin

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    Dec 10, 2012
    In Dans defense the post did start around the idea of rolling out domination and then we derailed.

    Fluv, the idea sounds great but again you are talking about something that is only going to appeal to the most diehard grep players. Especially if you limit entry to the server. No idea with limited appeal and only to players already steeped in long term grep culture is going to do much to bring in or keep new players or get old players to return. Inno isn’t likely to make any more money than they would on any other server so they would be doing more work for the same or less return.

    You’re suggesting a 2 year cycle in settings in championship worlds. At the rate the game is declining will there even be enough players left in 2 years to support the next round of championship servers?

    I’m not shooting the idea down because I don’t like it. I love it. But if we are having a discussion about keeping the game alive I don’t think that is the answer.
  9. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Hey all. Posted up a Grepo cup thing separate. Discuss anything about that there. Merits/disadvantages of merging servers here. :)
  10. Arzaac

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    Jun 14, 2013
    I think that creating a second market, like a cup, each season (we know that a world lasts long enough), would create a problem, where players would then play in their prime server, which could lead even to a higher drop of players on servers like US, DE, etc.
  11. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Most players already play multiple worlds. I'm not sure the drop off would be that huge. Some would possibly focus on it for the rewards. But otherwise, it should be pretty safe.
  12. ana perssons

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    Oct 20, 2011
    drop US server. merge it into EN. International servers should exist. Language is very important in this game, fast and easy communication matters a lot.

    i also wrote something about how players themselves have wrecked the game, but that's all been said.
  13. BadMutzzy

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    Aug 14, 2018
    Who really needs to speak French? 6 en really good players can defeat ,EASILY, an entire fr server.
  14. Donpj111

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    Jan 10, 2015
    I personally entered EN with a large group of danes when Sinope started - gathered both former enemies and longtime alliance mates. We had a hard time getting new recruits because many national players enjoy the night protection. So in general the language was not an issue although a few lads refused to join because of it.

    For me personally, as a founder, one of the greatest things is you have to manage all the different cultures. In our current group we have +15 different nationalities but the teamwork is flawless despite this.

    I Think i speak for a lot of us when i say the biggest threat to the game is all this cuddling we see on every server because Alliances are either afraid to Enter a war on their own or simply do ANYTHING to win a crown.

    Sadly 90% of the grepo Alliances dont share this view in the end.

    Have some self-respect for christ sake.
  15. deckherhalls

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    Aug 29, 2018
    Yes! Yes! All the freaking hand holding was the major reason I walked away from Grepolois 3 years ago. Limit the amount of allaince jumps to just 3 per server and kill the idea of rotating in and out for wonders at the very start of the server. This forces teams to stick together as one unit. And kills the idea of handing out crowns to everyone on a server. There should be absolutely no reason why more crowns end up getting awarded then the allaince cap for that particular server limits.
  16. OldDragon

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    Dec 25, 2011
    My squad and I stopped playing after we got our crowns and topped the Hall of Fame about three years ago. We had played both the EN and US servers over a four year run and we played HARD when we played. Having finally suffered through the WW endgame to a win... we were done. We had watched the game change during that last server. The new investors monetized the game to the point that it has become arguably Pay-to-Win. That led inexorably to an increase in cheating and a huge decline in the player base. Why replay a dying game that you have already won? Especially when it would cost ten times as much to be competitive and one third of your real competition are cheaters. See why we retired?

    A new endgame would get my attention, but it doesn't fix the PTW nonsense, the cheaters, or the tiny player base. Change the endgame to Dominion, turn down the PTW features, ban the cheaters, and rebuild the player base... and that would attract my old game partners and me back to the game. But frankly, I think riding a silver unicorn to receive my Nobel Prize will happen first.

    So let's speak hypothetically about toothy's idea.

    One giant server? ha ha ha ha ha

    As others have mentioned, this totally misses the critical problem of language differences, which sets up inherent culture and communication barriers. I had enough trouble getting Aussies and Yanks and Brits to play together on one team. I NEVER saw a truly international team. We had tremendous problems with time zone differences among those three groups of English speakers. It isn't fun to play 24 hours a day with or against players on the other side of the world... and it isn't fun for them either. Night bonus is impossible. In fact, the time zone issue is probably the biggest barrier.

    I remember playing against a Korean team on a US server. It was impossible to communicate and Google translate was a joke. It was like fighting vampires. None of us really slept... it was miserable. And the Korean team was completely closed... you had to be Korean to join it. Sound like fun to any of you?

    Moving on... unless the alliance size is very large, Domination will not be feasible. I am guessing around 200 player cap, and those 200 better be damn good, deep pocket, motivated players. The winning team will need to be ruthless about booting non-performers. Ya gotta play to stay.

    Which leads to the last problem... premades. Grepolis already suffers from "domination" by a few groups of closely-tied veteran players with deep pockets that drop into a server and quickly stifle any meaningful competition. This was not the case early in the game's history, but this practice has become the terminal climax strategy. What will stop the last 200 monster vets who still play from banding together into one premade, dropping into the center of "one giant server" on Day 1 and then just kicking everyone to the rim. That might fun for those 200... but clubbing baby seals (and a few walruses) is not my idea of a healthy game. Do you really expect the current pitiful player base to support a truly competitive domination game experience? I love teaching new players... but just cannot afford that luxury in a cutthroat domination world.
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  17. crazy cowboy

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    Dec 24, 2012
    Reading through this entire thing, I have to say I support one huge server. Your complaints about language- well, English players play w/ English and Korean play with Korean, not that hard really. All you need communication between alliances is for diplo which convos can be kept short and sweet to talk diplo, and for those short talks use google translate lol. It's really not difficult guys. The server I'm currently playing I'm fighting a Korean team, in EN and they did very well for awhile until my alliance simply started winning the battles & playing smarter, and we had better diplo. As stated before, allow each player to choose the language. not a big deal. and for NB, yes sure you don't have that, but maybe allow each player to choose a 6 hour period where they personally get a night bonus. ex.
    player 1 has NB from 00:00:00 till 6:00
    player 2 attacks, and on attack screen NB time is stated so attacking player is aware that person has NB at that time.
    did I just solve both issues? lol
  18. pawcio the magnificent

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    Feb 6, 2017
    Now its more prone to happen with vets aswel because of those stupid different crowns. At this point it became more important to collect as many crown as possible to get the diamond crown.
  19. Donpj111

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    Jan 10, 2015
    Lol indeed but most players know that most crowns are BS due such a large number having Them Handed through time.
  20. OzzyBanksOfficial

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    Sep 16, 2018
    Wouldn't merging servers be profitable , since the cost of running multiple servers is reduced to the cost of one bigger server ?