Get your PnPs Ready - Wrecking Crew


Now I am seriously worried - sherry is an aperitif - you retire to the Library with a Cigar and a glass of Brandy.

What ever your tipple im sure it can be accommodated

We also have a fine collection of Beethhoven, Bach, Mozart, Wagner and many more

Pull up a chair and let me dust off the Phonograph


So no PnP ? PnPs arent just about making fun of an alliance disbandment or anything, they tell stories.

a PnP is Usually making fun of people for example Impact, we talked a big game and then fell...we deserved a PnP aimed at us. But i dont think wrecking crew really deserved one. and not trying to be mean gold but i really didnt enjoy the PnP. wasnt really funny... and i like my PnP's hilarious. Anyway, just my two cents


I really dont care about your two cents, not trying to mean Shrefty.