Getting back a city.


Is there any way to get back a city that you lost while you were not playing or did i just waste a month playing this game?


Unfortunately if your city has gone to someone else , you get the option to start on the same world with a 175 point city in the direction of your choosing. You could build up your new city to try and conquer and retake your old one , but that would take a while , better to decide whether to start from 175 again or perhaps start afresh on a new world.


srobb88, as I said in another thread you posted in:

I understand that Grepolis can be very frustrating, especially if you lose a city you have been working on. There are a few ways to protect yourself against "big" players.

1) Find an alliance that helps you: It is extremely hard to play against other players by yourself. It is essential to have a good alliance that supports your towns with troops and backs you up when other players attack you. This way many small players can stand up against bigger enemies. It is also very beneficial to learn proper methods of defending to improve your chances against attackers.

2) Try playing on a recently opened world: This allows you to play the game against people who did not have time to build up huge armies, as it is extremely difficult to play on worlds that are a few months old.

Also, please stop posting the same thing in every topic. It is unnecessary and doesn't achieve a quicker response time. There are numerous threads in the Forum that involve discussions about how to successfully defend against attackers and improve your chances of survival. Here is one such thread which I recommend you read from start to finish:


I lost my first city so I joined a different world and it was great. Saved me from looking back at the city every minute to see if someone else has conquered it. It felt like a month wasted but looking back I learnt so much that helps me just now. Honestly it may seem pointless but after a while you find new friends and after a bit longer you think "why did I ever want that first city in the first place?"