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Ok all, This Forum is indubitably dead from the neck up. What I mean is communication in the forum or thinking is dead, but the game itself is running.

So im here to get a general consensus of ideas in the forum that Knossos players would like to see, such as Top 12 or Wars etc, give ideas so that we may start the threads and make this forum alive.


My opinion is we suppose to create threads named:

1. Wars

2. Top 10 alliances

3. Knossos News

4. LoD vs Everyone

5. World Wonders

Cant figure out more im soooooo tired now :)
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The forum is not dead because of lack of threads, it's dead because the world is kind of dead.


Harley where you go though?
And yep those topics sound good Keb


I don't think it's that the world is dead, I think it's that there are so many pacts and such huge alliances that most discussion is kept inside the game itself in internal forums, and there is really no major rivalry to keep the forums active.


It is sad to log in to the Forums and not see the huge fights that can happen :(
Yes, I play on this world under a different name, Princess Clare also plays (using another name). Just wanted to check in after so long :))
Yes, you couldn't care less who we are but as always, do I let it stop me??
Answer: It depends if I like you as a player :)