Getting this going Iota!

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  1. So I thought I'd give you guys a helping hand, don't expect this all the time.

    General Discussions could include:

    History of Alliances
    Favourite strategies to use in Iota
    Enemy-Ally dynamic
    And something I'd really like to see; A timeline of Iota events.

    Anything you find interesting about Iota. Including each other!

    Get to know each other, friendly Iota player discussions are more than welcome here :p
    Give your own histories ;) Show us what you've been through and how you think it has made you stronger.

    I'm going to move a few threads over that fit into this so if you have any suggestions mail me, I'm happy to hear from you.
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  2. Payne

    Payne Guest

    lol, good thread saph!!

    Well, not that anyone cares, but my alliance, Remembrane, was formed from the remnants of Athenian Heirs that didnt get an invite into Evolution. lol.
  3. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    Say huh? I think the wrong server Payne.... or am I missing a huge turn of world events???
  4. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    Payen is right. I've joined Remembrance lately and know the full story. Including The Baslisk's turnover The Forgotten to Evo...
    Payen first built The Forgotten from remaining people not invited in Evo. Since there were too many he build sister alliance Remembrance. His mistake was to leave The Forgotten on The Baslisk hands...

    When that happened I met a lovely lady that got me in TDC...
  5. disketeer

    disketeer Guest

    Do we have a "What's Your Story?" thread? I'd love to read it if we did.