Ghost of Kappa


As we all know, we are in october . . . and for those that aren't aware . . . welcome to october :p

This thread is for a special competition :D . . . on halloween i will open this thread . . . and the person who posts the 50th post will earn the title of 'Ghost of Kappa'

Its meant for fun :p so i hope this stirs up the cauldron and dawns some activity upon this creepy dormant place (chuckle)


my post counts as #1 so we are all clear on that :p

just thought about it . . . this thread will open on the 30th . . . i doubt anyone has off on halloween, and im pretty sure after work/school people will be taking their kids/themselves out trick or treating . . .

ill merge this post wen i open the thread (so next poster will still be #2)


PS. also u can add halloween related pics in ur post . . . so long as they adhere to the rules

The Rules said:
  • Maximum size images you are allowed to post are 640 by 640 pixels in dimension.
  • No animated images are allowed.
if it is bigger than 640 x 640 please either put it in a spoiler or provide the link rather than the image
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lets help u out here phoenix ~ #3

and to make it even worse this spoiler contains all the horrors u ever watched.

:eek:... u just know its scary right??


so :rolleyes: seems not that many kappa people are on here at all anymore :(


cabz bii

20 i quit kappa too haha we should name this the non kappa members thread haha