Gif as a profile picture

yomi yori

Title is pretty self-explanatory
We have gifs that we can use in forum under [ img ] bb-code, why not make this as an option to a profile picture? Also (i havent played tw in 4 years) but im pretty sure that tribal wars which is another inno game do have this option


Biggest opposition to such in idea for any game from anyone is the cost of system loads to have such features.

The best way that would seem more reasonable for such to be done is that they are gained from awards based on gameplay.

Add a new event, which could a good reason for one still let alone another reason, add objects as such rewards.

People spend gold for events.
Gold support costs for system loads.

Win Win.

Most likely choices for such get limited of course, but having more events sometimes at times is not such a bad idea.

Add to Premium Packages or Bundles once and awhile and can skip the cost for rewards and pay for say outright.

Participation in the forum to whatever extent could be say used to gain a couple or few more options of such objects.

All objects able to be used either in game or in forum.