Proposal Gifting gold


Summary: Maybe you guys can add a way for us to gift gold to other players

Description: Something so we can gift gold to someone, not from our own gold, but like i gift 10$ worth of gold to this other player ingame.

Reason: Imagine it someones birthday you want to gift him gold you can't. Before i used to be able to gift gold to people on the market, now i cant anymore. Oh and i am not here to complain about how bad the new system is. although it is really bad :p

Visual aids: I don't know just like just add a gift gold tab, when you buy gold. You add the player name, and the amount you wish to gift, and then same payments method. I don't know this shouldn't be too hard to do :)

Anyway thanks for your time :)


With the limited option to use against the difference, the use should be limited, so if implied cheaply to do could be reasonable to have done.

As long as always taken as spending money and not gold, should be a sound idea, but once people take the worth as gold, then the option would be highly limited, leaving only the money for the purpose to do so of.
And if so, still sounds weird that for something of money you are getting gold otherwise, but hey.

Vouchers seem more reasonable, when you buy gold and can get a voucher to use which can be sent to others or used yourself, the vouchers say add 10% more gold or reduced cost for such.
Vouchers are given say on purchases of 10 dollars or more.