Beginner Gimp Glowing Render Effect

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Thomas The Magnificent, Jun 19, 2011.

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    Excuse the 110 pixel blur bit, it was meant to be ten.
  2. Right, it's been up for over 48 hours. It can't be that bad, surely?
  3. I like it. The only problem is my computer has died, so I can't use gimp.
  4. Benvolio

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    Finish your tag, apply image, guassian blur the applied image by 1.5-2 and set to screen.
    Lower opacity as needed.
  5. Benvolio

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    new layer by visible?
    I'm not sure of the term for GIMP.
  6. great guide. i've been looking for a good guide to make renders to look cool. but lemme get this straight; you make a new layer, make 2 of the same renders, and just blur the one in the back?
  7. demsccrstd

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    Correct, you perform a Gaussian Blur. Usually when I want my renders to glow I do this, but then I duplicate the blurred image and apply a Gaussian Blur again.
  8. erm i can blur the back one with no problem but you cant see if through the top one... you said to blur it 1 and 10 pixels but can you go into a little more detail of that. cause i cant blur it at certain pixels unless i use the smudge tool.
  9. abbs

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    this tut is great but will you please elaborate on the background part?
  10. What background?
  11. abbs

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    in your second image you wrote
    did not get how to work with background

    mine is only working with the render but not blending into the background
  12. I meant like an edited, abstract etc.