Giving Credit Those Who Helped


This post is giving credit when I thought I was about to restart. 1so I have to thank and give credit for players who helped me to get me back in the game. 1st I want to thank Asth, Priscilla, Lane and Tanuki7. Thank all of you for the advice that you have giving me when I was in a do or die situation. A very special thanks goes to Priscilla and Asth. They worked on giving me advice with PM's. But to all a very big thanks to the others to who helped. Thank you so much to take the time and help me get back on track. I would not be back if it were not for members and and others. Again thank you and everything. I can't really put in the words on how everyone contributing there time to help me out.



No worries Jaiden. Glad I could help and good to see you back on track. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me whether it be via forum post/thread or PM.

Best of luck to you.