Gkassimis - Careful what you wish for


Shortly after BZC vs ..... ghosted en masse, for which I was blamed, Gkassimis publically in the Carphi Rumour Mill thread wished all kinds of evil to befall on me including ill health. No doubt he will be delighted to hear that since the end of May I have been in hospital, have undergone major surgery and have a long Summer of recovery and treatment to look forward to.
I have come to the realisation that I no longer want to be part of a community where some people take a game so seriously that they lose all perspective and can wish ill on another be they friend or foe, consequently Carphi will be the last world I shall play. I will miss the many friends I have made over the years but will not miss the vindictiveness that now seems to be a major part of Greppo. I hope that somehow some of the fun, banter and respect for opponents can find its way back into the game.
Take care and happy hunting.
Laura (aka Aethilla)


The game has effect on our real life. What you ve done to us, effected us really badly. We were angry,dissapointed etc.
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ll thats the point i tried to stress during my whole experience on this server. Carphi sits at the second on my list of terrible servers to play on. besides aethila is the biggest hypocrit i've seen on the game. that aside sorry to hear about your health issues. the game is seperate from our life if you take the game back to your life it is no longer a game.