Pnp Go vs. Relentless

LOL that cleared up a mystery. We didn't think it was you though so I guess you ate a dark horse. Really lucky timing though did you plan it like that?


another day? You lost most of the time with that vote.
Not the whole time :p for like the first half it was like tied then mrpenguin went up one then it would tie and then i might go up then and it would tie again but then i just pulled ahead.


Meh... it doesn't bother me that i dont know what we are because i got more vote than mrpenguin :p:)

Apache HOST

I infiltrated OOC, Lost empire, Relentless themselves and even The immortals

There leaders were easy to convince and break

There time will run out, they will fall and the true Lords of Oropos will rise! (GAME OVER)

Cheater of death, you know who I "was" , GO get em

Apache HOST

I was stationed in LE for protection until I gained trust of OOC leaders
SO how is CHCAGO feeling today? Good?

yeah, I thought so!

P.S. you should destroy that oracle, its a blemish on a nice city ;)
Don't know how he is feeling. He needed to quit to spend more time with his wife so he wasn't on at all when you guys began to attack. So once more you guys only get inactives. It's kind of creepy how that works though.

Monster Mouse

I'm sorry he had to go, but he wasn't technically inactive, he was partially active if you check his growth up to the attack he was growing and we had been attacking and taking some of his cities before he had to leave. Maybe he had to quit because of all the time he spent defending his cities? may be a good guess actually.

Still in VM and on here I see, whats up cheater?
Well yes you did and some attacks were impressive (but creepy as you hit him when he is normally online but he happened by your lucky offline). But he qualifies as inactive as he announced he had to quit a few days before you started your op or whatever (which we actually heard you were planning months ago). Also he wasn't online during the majority of your attacks. Never the less I'm still counting him towards your score. Finally he spend far more time attacking then defending.

About me, well life is a bother so I can't be play really but I need my grepo fix somehow so I'm here. Hopefully things will slow down soon as I'm running out of VM days and having less and less access to the internet.
Yes sadly this wasn't a huge deal with us so :p.
On a related note what timeline you are going by that you can even call this an early anniversary?