Godz of war


hi people,

my username's thefed56. i am the founder of a small alliance in ocean 65. we haven't got many players yet, but if you are nearby, and are looking to either learn more about the game, or just enjoy the game with some experienced players, join us. you can do this by messageing me ingame or replying here (or both).

i have played this game for some years, and i have played similar games (e.g. Tribal Wars) for some more years. So I can easily provide some great help, and am more than capable of running a tip-top tribe.

if you fancy joining the GODZ OF WAR (catchy tag, don't you think), i will happily consider your request. as this is a fairly new world, we don't yet have a points requirement (so long as they are more than 175, which is what you start off with).

we accept anyone who has the capacity to learn, and is willing to give anything a go

please contact me if you are interested!