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Discussion in 'The Acropolis' started by Baudin Toolan, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. molinillo

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    Jul 27, 2017
    the stock limit increases by every purchase, without a tax players could buy, sell, repeat until the price of resources would become very low - that could be especially bad for the casual gold traders, because they would get even less gold for their resources

    @Baudin Toolan
    what happened with the offers after buying resources? is it a bug or an unannounced change?

    After buying resources I used to see this:

    Now the Gold for Resources exchange is not visible anymore in 'Offers by others' tab - players can only see from the 'Gold exchange' tab when they can sell.

    I see now... nothing new happened.. as long as the free capacity is less than 50 gold worth resources this offer is not visible. :(
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  2. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    This whole tax thing sounds like a bad case of over complicating a previously simple system and attempting to do more than necessary...or desired. Good god gold trading has basically become the same as watching the Detroit Lions.

    Unlike Lions fans though, the only fans of this system either directly profited big time (congrats tho 20), coined & worked on the idea, or are just supporting an unpopular update for attention or to attempt to be different/edgy.
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  3. James Peak

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    Aug 15, 2017
    Unfortunately I have some bad news for you, in life people are allowed to hold an opinion that differs from yours, yeh it sucks but however you try and dress it up or stamp your feet can't change that basic concept of society :(

    Using your logic one could also argue that the only handful of people on here (which is a very small % of the active grepolis community) that are having a hissy fit over this new enhancement are those that (as already shown) are largely those that seek to monopolise the trade of gold to them and their little cartels in newly made worlds. The good news for the rest of us is that, that practice is now dead and that those of us who actively want to play those worlds can do so in the knowledge that the gold exchange is there for evrybody to have an equal chance of taking something, might only be 30 gold a day at max some days but thats cool, if I want gold that badly i can buy it, you have the choice.

    As for attention seeking, can't really think of a better example than that somebody who can't get their own way, crys, moans, stamps their feet and then threatens to quit.........(but then as usual never does LOL), ;) its the reaction of 5 year old.

    Now you don't mind these (now defunct) little group of gold abusers who controlled the gold markets profiting big time but you criticize the (20) you say are profiting big time from the new system hashtag hypocrite :(

    Sounds to me nothing more than sour grapes from people who find the concept of fairplay alien.

    The other bonus is that its great to see all these empty "5k for 50 gold" etc etc cities and alliances lying dormant, most of them have no intention of ever playing the world so no real loss and more opportunities for sharing the gold in that world exchange between those actually playing the world.

    Well done Inno :) in recognition i will name my next city in the next new World Average Joe in thanks.

    Happy Dayz.
  4. Ruthie2

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    Aug 18, 2013
    To answer your comments .
    Everyone is allowed a opinion thats why alot of us were asked to come to this link by mods.
    This is only my second ever world of trading gold and in no way would I try and extort more for the gold I get because as a player who has played here for many years I know its a business for inno as well as a game for us and many players here are all ages and different pay grades
    I have only ever traded as stated 2000 resources for 50 gold and I know that if records are kept and looked back on you would see thats the truth.

    This new way is way more uneven then what your actually occusing some of being unfair trades and so before you go around accusing players of things you only think are true you need to get it in black and white because not everyone likes to rip people off.

    You have to remember this game is played by so many that arent sat at home continually watching the screen for trades which is why some are angry that they can no longer put a trade in and carry on with real life knowing there trade may get traded well away.

    Some people cant afford to buy gold to keep even admins going , as kids play this too so the occasional gold trading helped to tick it over and now that will be gone so alot of players will be too.
    Players are leaving and not just saying it, so again please dont accuse players of being all talk.

    I know tweeks are needed but surly a middle ground can be reached as this seems to so many unfair
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  5. The Smilodon Fatalis

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    Jun 6, 2013
    I've worked as a campaign manager before and have been an alliance leader for nine years. Trust me, I've listened to my share of different opinions.'re also wrong on a lot of your points. So lets start.

    1. In my time in skype, discord, in game, and on here. I've met a very small sample size that like the update compared to those that dislike it. To be frank, its just you guys here that appear to like it. Anyone else I talked to that had an opinion didn't really like the new system. Wish I was exaggerating there.

    2. How do you monopolize gold trade? A gold trade team that cuts deals? Didn't seem like a huge monopoly. In 108 I traded next to Thermopylae with only a friend. We cut no deals, didn't really build our cities, and just kinda sat and set new active trades when gold came in. People still traded with me...A lot. In 115 I came in and admittedly decided to cut some deals and give extra res...Overall I made less in the time span that the old system was active on that world than I did in 108.

    3. But you had an equal chance of making gold before it just required a different kind of work. It seems that you're arguing for the exchange gold trading based on the premise of activity and effort by camping the market and spamming the trades in. Under the old system you just camped and used available info to know when and where a gold heavy team would land. Alternatively, you sought out premades that you knew would spend and asked to join. Maybe built defense and the city up for them. A ton of traders and teams often just rushed the world to join...This is also why they didn't profit.

    4. You seem to have gotten my number of people profiting wrong. 20 was a person. Not 20 people. There aren't even 20 people here posting in favor of this.

    5. I'm all for fair play. Hell if you want a break down of support here. The people on your side have had more trouble with fair play in the past than my side I believe.

    Lastly I wanna make clear. I've profited off this system a decent amount. Mostly because I kept with it and know when to set the trades. This isn't me saying that this system isn't or can't be profitable. its me saying that this system is bad and requires a constant refresh of your market. There's also a new glitch in the market where once you trade resources, the market space doesn't free up.

    This also doesn't do much to stop the whole RNG factor of where you land to trade. Most people probably won't research who is going where. So they'll still be screwed if they land in an ocean that's dead.

    If you're anti-team trading or deal cutting then I think you're also going to find that this fix is probably still pretty abusable and mostly just made extra steps in doing it. Gonna go out on a limb here and guess that 20bucks already figured it out. But luckily, I won't be ruining your high telling the whole forum how.
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  6. griffdoggie

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    Nov 11, 2018
    I feel like like Inno has gone complete gangster, destroying every ounce of the game because of the complaining of a few players. Inno can give any excuse they want but the truth of the matter is, like the mob, they wanted "their cut" of all trades
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  7. Advertiser

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    Mar 9, 2019
    Lol at all the people thinking that Inno Games reads this
  8. Advertiser

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    Mar 9, 2019
    I don't know who that is over 18 and playing this game won't be able to afford $20 a month to spend on gold.

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    May 8, 2019
  10. ajayspocket

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    Jul 9, 2015
    5 - 6 pages of criticism and not a single response from Inno , Community Managers & Forum Guardians.
    If Inno dont have the time to respond in forum you can save time by not breaking a system that worked fine or simply dont open a feedback thread.
    If you guys havent figured out yet . You are getting roasted here.

    So according to you (Inno)
    1) Gold buyers shouldnt decide to whom their gold goes .
    2) Casual gold traders should keep refreshing all day every day to "fish" for an offer.
    3) Getting a commission on trades will reduce gold in circulation and make player buy more ( Have you thought of me giving resources and getting money in PayPal thus removing you as middleman ?)

    And by doing the above you justify that you are standing up for the guy ( who will not make friends/Join any alliance to trade).

    Result of your update
    -> Effectively removed your casual F2P players inviting new friends over and retaining them for subsequent servers (your potential customers)

    And Yes i will still give away 10k free resources for trade in exchange for money transfer .

  11. Heres20BuckKillMe

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    Sep 2, 2016
    Pretty sure thats against the rules my man
  12. XxCharlie199xX

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    May 20, 2013
    You know how bad the moderator team is based off the fact that this was not deleted for an entire month even though it implies directly about trading in game resources for paypal money (Fun fact, this is also the exact reason I was banned before, making a joke about this same thing). So if you want to know whether they bother to read any of your feedback, the answer is obvious. If you post anything in the trash talk thread even close to offensive against a moderator, you get banned from the forums. But I found out where we can talk about them without them reading it. Bingo.
  13. Shuri2060

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    Dec 1, 2016

    Judging from the looks of things in en116, it appears that there is an absolute cap on the exchange as well. It can hold no more than 200k of each resource???

    Come on - like what!? And here I was thinking the cap would grow at an unlimited rate so it'd be more frequent that there is a space for more casual players to put resources in (since you'd have to put a lot of resources for a little gold, eventually a kind of equilibrium would be reached, when people aren't willing to sell 10k resources for 20 gold, say).

    Was that not the point of introducing this system? To make it more realistic - because that's what happens in real markets.
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