Proposal Gold Exchange - Resource Box - Modification For Ease Of Use


I would like to put forward a proposal regarding the accessibility of the box where you raise or lower the value of the resources / gold you wish to trade in the gold exchange.

I run a lap top with a fairly average resolution and with either the mouse or the built in mouse pad the up and down arrows are tricky to get to, I am not the only person who has noticed this, and although it's not a major game changer it would be good if it could be changed slightly to make it easier for us old guys (and there are lots of us!) to work it.

I would like to suggest that the twin arrows (up and down) on the right of the resource box be replaced by a box either end of the main resources box and that an up arrow be placed in the box on the right and a down arrow be placed in the box on the left and at the same time make these two boxes slightly bigger.

There is no problem with space as the resource box is already in situ just basically relocate the arrows to either end instead of both being at the same end.

Please see attached pic as example.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Theo Popadopadopolous.

Gold Box.png
That's not a bad idea, although I don't always use the maximum of any one particular resource as it would leave me with unbalanced resources over the three... Wood, silver and stone.
When I visit the gold exchange - and after I click on the SELL RESOURCES tab - I generally go straight to the UP arrow to see how much gold I can get, clicking the arrows is a lot easier than trying to calculate the amount of gold available, so, say you click the arrow on the wood exchange - a number comes up that is less than the price of one piece of gold - ok, intuitively you would move on to the next to see what's on offer, but this wont work, not until you click the down arrow to clear the first box, then you can move to the second box.
Again, this might seem like nit picking but it is a pain when you do it a few times, a self cancelling box when you click the next box would be great.