Pnp Gold gold gold and more gold


2009 or before Inno started to let players pay for Captain * Commander and 3 other fools.

Everybody was excited, the race was on, for world wonders!

Intresting a golden crow!!!

No!!! It's mine !!!

Mmmm ? something screamed in my left ear wonder what was it for?

year 2015 somewhere on the plannet.
"Excuse me mate! what are you standing there in my garden all wett! Please move on!

Don't you know!

I need the gold don't make me go !
Meanwhile deep down in a dark cave at Inno HQ

Yes you find there the most ....

It's in this building

year 2017 future of Inno * gold and cliënts.
Take in you'r personal assistant to play even more profesional , no more sleepness nights!

For 500k gold / month you got yourself the brown version

But if you order today the blond version you get the captain 2 days for free!

But we have more!
Order today and get your free coin tomorrow!

No no i still love you, i have nobody else just need some extra quality time between me and my Inno.

Use gold don't abuse, for help call the Inno HELP CENTER +49*GOLD*GOLD*GOLD

2020 INNO press release !

Fill your world wonders with gold!

5k gold for level 1.
10k gold for level 2.
50k gold for level 3.
500k for level 8.
1 million!!!! for level 9!

Why filling if u are just 1 push away from winning the server!

2024 Inno press release !
To serve our cliënts better we have come with a golden crown for all system!

No more sleepness nights * no more RL time goes wasted * no more break ups, pay 2.000.000 gold and get a crown for free and for ever!


Well I believe War Inc players already brought gold enough to win the crown please give it to them!


Now now it's not as if EN players haven't spent a shload to get all the cities they have:p
nice PnP though erick!! :D
cant rep you sadly:/

J.n.c 93

Lol nice PnP Erik... Although it doesn't really have anything to do with Abdera, I think this should be moved to the Acropolis, seems more relevant there.


I'd rather buy a nice blunt than waste the bank on a few upgrades...

be real....all of you be is fun and all but some of you are buying thousands of gold..for what...



Well written, Erik.

Probably one of more honest and least biased pieces I think I have seen from you either within the game or on the externals...are you reforming?

By that, I do mean reforming on your perception of facts...not gold usage. I don't evaluate others based on how deep their pockets are or how worn their credit cards have!


Thanks herefordgrl we have got to stop the Rule of gold. Most of us are skilful in battle and many also skilful in diplomacy - but there is no skill in producing your Credit Card.

The game has to get back to its roots - a war game, for those who have tactical skill and skill at manipulating resources - a proper war game - not just one for arm-chair Generals with deep pockets!


The sad thing is that players have shown innogames that this new model works. By spending 1000s of dollars in the first couple of days, this world probably made inno more money than any other world.

In the end it is a business, for them it doesn't matter if 5k players play the world.. as long as those 5k spend more money than 100k had in previous worlds.